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My Why

As Seen On

"Lisa is gifted.

You receive value for the service she provides. Lisa knows what to say regarding success and what it takes to succeed. I was going through a rough time and lacking focus regarding my company. Lisa helped me to regain my focus. God is Great just in meeting friends who help each other through various circumstances in life. 

My prayer for Lisa is that she continue to walk and strive in her greatness to receive what you have designed for her life.  I am excited just to know her."

J Cooper

Before I knew anything about Law of Attraction, NLP, orMeditation, and understanding that I have the power to create new realities and the life I desire for myself such as...

  • Improving my marriage by creating an incredible relationship with myself first 

  • Creating my own business

  • Redefining and improving relationships with others by being aligned with myself

and so much more...

I had to learn about myself and who I was as an individual. I had to learn how powerful I was already and from my own intuitive knowing I began to understand myself more deeply, from the inside out.


But there was a time when...


I was not paying attention to myself because everything outside of myself was more important. Until... I began to experience some physical symptoms such as: migraine headaches, having trouble sleeping at times, and not being able to trust myself.


These feelings that many are experiencing now, affect not only you but your loved ones and everything you touch. These feelings not only affect you physically,but create a vacuum where you're unable to take in and experience new information(which signifies life)which comes in many forms: New ideas, creative thoughts and new relationships to name a few, and generally effect your ability to create the life you desire.


I got sick and tired of it! I decided that I was important, and that I have the right to feel good. I decided that I no longer wanted to house the negative feelings that I was carrying and I made a decision to get rid of the things that were making me feel bad on the inside. I learned that self-limiting or not, what you think about, is true for you. So I decided to look within myself. I became a "Scientist of myself."


As immediately as I made the decision, I became aware that it was my own thoughts that were weighing me down. I became aware of how intricately my thoughts were connected to my feelings and therefore my actions and responses. I became aware of the power I have to pay attention to my own thoughts, decide if they make me feel good or if those thoughts are of service to me, and exchange what no longer feels good or serves me, to thoughts, feelings and therefore actions, that do serve me and where I am headed in my own life.


As my life began to change from the inside out: No more physical symptoms, not one more migraine headache, a renewed marriage relationship, starting my own business, and most importantly - a renewed trust in myself - I became aware of my life's purpose - My WHY....To tell everyone who will listen that You too have this same power on the inside.



"You Only Know What You Know, Until You Know Something Else."Lisa