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Who is this Intensive for?
You have already had a DISCOVERY SESSION.


  • You are feeling a "I know she's the one for me to work with."


  • You're meant to do something other than what you are currently doing.

  • You've been hearing and feeling specifics about what you are meant to do.

  • You're ready to hear from that little girl who has a story to tell and you're ready to learn how to leverage that story to support your current self-identity.

  • You're ready to get to the nitty gritty of your top core values, deciphering the difference between the fantasy of the societal expectations you've been working so hard to fulfill vs. what you're saying you actually want to be doing as your career(lifestyle & business).

  • You're no longer willing to accept that you're unable to do what you want to do.

  • You're ready to give yourself permission to let go of the fear that's been holding you back.

  • You're ready to learn how to stop worrying about The HOW.

  • You're ready to hear from your heart.

Online Course_ From Pain To Permission T
Testimonials, professional women(2).png


What you will get from this course. Includes Bonuses.

  • Get the fundamentals to manifesting that are not being talked about.


  • Learn what it takes to manifest more quickly and effectively.

  • Learn what it will take for you to not quit on your desired outcomes.

  • Learn what social and subconscious messaging has been influencing who you think you are and why you think you can't desire more.

Course length: 1:50:04

BONUS 1 -  The link provided to you is through a platform that will allow you to make comments during any aspect of the video which makes for greater sharing and discussion among students.

BONUS 2​- At 1:23:22 Begins Coaching/Q &A. I had no idea I was going to coach and answer questions but I went with the flow and I'm so glad I did. The coaching and q & a section provides a deeper understanding and clarity of how you can create states of being unique to your desired outcomes...and more.

Testimonials, professional women(2).png


Who would enjoy this training?

  • You are feeling a "HELL YES!" for knowing you and I are meant to work together.


  • You want to take a deeper look into the VIP 2- Hour Intensive process .

  • You are a professional woman who is ready to answer the call to your soul-calling career.

  • You are ready to pay attention to what possible childhood programming has been hindering from answering the call to your soul-calling career. 

  • You are ready to give "little you," her voice back.

  • You want to know what "State of BE-ing" means.

  • You understand that no one else is/can determine what your soul-calling career is.

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