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Intangible To Tangible Package

"Transforming what you say you do into quantifiable data using the systems and processes you already work with."

I help wellness, holistic health practitioners, metaphysicians, yoga instructors, nutrition counselors, reiki healers, coaches... 


Package includes:(Total 2 hrs. 30 min.)

Initial consultation(30min) - Includes initial assessment of current systems/processes and getting clear on one area you want to highlight.

Consultation(90min.) - Includes extracting data(information) from current systems/processes you have already been working with for years and

need help seeing more clearly.

Follow up(30min.)- Clarifying any questions you may have and/or if we've created a data collection tool - making sure you are clear about it's use and accuracy of collecting what you want to see highlighted for your clients and potential new clients.

Package Benefits

 -Increase confidence in your marketing and advertising by showing the exact results your service provides.
-Increase new business by being able to confidently answer any questions about your results beforehand.

-Eliminate doubt by showing your potential clients the exact results you provide your clients.
-Feel more confident as a business owner being able to highlight the exact numbers and statistics to support your successful outcomes...and more.

Your payment by clicking the 3 leaf image, confirms your intention to schedule.
Once your payment is received I will reach out to you to coordinate a scheduled time.

Please allow 24 hours if you need to reschedule.
Thank you.

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