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Frequently Asked Questions


How do you decide if Coaching is for you?


Coaching is for otherwise healthy individuals, who are seeking assistance in the following areas: Personal Development, Exploration re: Spirituality, Business and Personal Goal Setting, Career, Life and Business Strategies, Discovery, and is not to be used in lieu of any existing or perceived medical problems or concerns.


Coaches generally work on four areas with clients, no matter the specific area of interest :


  • Defining goals

  • Formulating a plan that will use the client’s skills

  • Holding the client accountable for progress

  • Providing structure, encouragement and support


Do your home work.


Before investing in anything, investigate until you are confident that you understand what the Coaching process entails, and that you are in agreement with the process of the specific Coach that you choose.


Have a look around(the internet is extremely helpful), to see what kind of information, content, etc., is associated with the Coach you may be interested in. 


Choosing the Coach that's right for you.


Because there are many different types of Coaches, i.e., Life Coaches, Business Coaches, Parenting Coaches, Online Marketing Coaches, etc., it is in your best interest to choose your Coach based on your specific goals and needs. Many Coaches offer a free initial consultation to insure an appropriate "fit," based on the needs of the client, and to ensure the Coach will be effective in assisting you toward your goals and expectations. 



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