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Thank You

for your purchase!

Transformation really does start within!





Each recording you will hear is inspired from an actual experience or from me pondering a question along my own path of transformation, that inspired me to share a message with YOU!




The Transformation Starts Within Podcasts Series includes life lessons like:


-It's ok to let go of the past to move forward in your life.


-You are effecting everything in your life just by thinking about it.

-Replacing worry with gratitude shifts your own vibration and energy.

-Paying attention to your internal conversations can create change in your life.


-Using your sleep time can manifest new realities


So sit back and enjoy the ocean waves and subtle relaxing music as you listen to each recording.


Your transformation starts now!

Yours in continued Health, Prosperity and Momentum,


Lisa Scott, B.MSC.

"Assisting Professional Men and Women to get rid of self limiting beliefs and create transformation in your life by assisting you to uncover and use the tools you already have on the inside."

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