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A Love Letter To My Soul Clients

First let me start by saying, Isn't the image above just lovely? Bokeh lights and raindrops. The perfect combination if you ask me. As I looked at tons of Bokeh light images on Google I asked myself why I love them so much. The answer is because the image reminds me of seeing something and nothing at the same time. It's the perfect reflection of myself as I understand to the depths and molecular structure of a lot of information and knowledge, and also realize that ultimately it's all really nothing at all.

Anything only really means something because of the system we exist within coupled with the meaning we collectively give to things. Wow! I'm fascinated by it all. I'm fascinated about how much emotion, thought and energy we can give something in one minute and then poof! It's gone when our attention is stolen by something else.

I'm fascinated that we can express how All That Is/Source, is limitless and boundless yet we play predominantly in such limitation. I understand and know limitation well. I've lived there and I'm grateful every time I make it out. I'm grateful to the one who shares a social media post or I listen to a song that opens my heart or I hear the wind and see the sun and notice it. And I'm yanked from the grips of limitation once again.

And Yanked From The Grips Of Limitation, I Was...

After what many would call, an awakening back in 2011- my awakening consisted of leaving and a shift in consciousness with regard to the church system but there are many kinds of awakenings- I asked myself how could I have been so completely immersed with the beliefs, sacrifices made, actions, etc., for so many years and all of a sudden everything I thought I knew up to that point was gone...completely absent as a reference in my body? There's a lot more to the story than this but I'm shortening for the sake of/and the direction of this letter. The answer I received was, generally speaking, the power of the mind. I was being intuitively and divinely informed that when it comes to the mind it could have been any idea, that with the same level of focus and attention I gave it, the outcome would have been the same re: how I self-identified, ie., who I thought and said I was, coupled with pure knowing. This is the essence of Manifestation and how you bring anything into existence ..but I digress. Having a moment that seemed carved out in time just for me I heard these words, With the same thoughts that brought you here I'm going to show you how to get yourself out. On this particular day I'd had it with the migraines, self-doubt, sleeplessness and digestive issues I had been experiencing. So this voice which turned out to be me, my higher self, led me out and into a glorious trip and journey I've yet to this day, to stop learning from. I know it's YOU..tired of feeling and hearing the signals your body is giving you and not doing a thing about it because the YOU you've created for very good reason, keeps reminding you of why you created her in the first place and it seems hard to let go. I'll see if I can go back in my mind and remember the most poignant areas of expansion I've experienced so far.

First I became consciously aware of my thoughts. Prior to this I was functioning on auto-pilot like everyone else. This caused me to become aware of how my thoughts had a correlating emotional response within my body which ultimately produced whatever actions I was taking and what I was manifesting into my reality whether seen or unseen, ie., relationship interactions, health and everything in between. I realized (at least for that moment in time) that thoughts, together with emotion, yields your actions.

This is where it all started!

Over time I received my Bachelors in Metaphysical Spiritual Counseling from the University of Metaphysics. It turns out that Della Reese-Lett of Touched By An Angel also earned a degree from here as well. Again, I digress. Lol

I continued to study all things, Power of the Mind and the unconscious mind.

I've read and/or experimented with everything from... The Power of Unlimited Imagination, Neville Goddard - Oh who am I kidding! I think I've listened to everything by Neville Goddard and still continue to. Neville is part of my unseen Mastermind. His eloquence and ability to transform the bible from allegory to it's living purpose, is unsurpassed in my opinion. I wasn't going to finish naming Neville Goddard books but I feel it may be important to you. -The Law and the Promise -The Power of Awareness -Neville Goddard, The Complete Reader which I believe is all his books in one. -Feeling Is The Secret


-Immortal Man

_______________ To...

Gene Keys, Richard Rudd

High Magick, Damien Echols Your Word Is Your Wand, Florence Scovel Shinn

Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself, Dr. Joe Dispenza The Biology of Belief, Bruce Lipton, PH.D. Exploring the Fifth Dimension, Bruce Goldberg Journey of Souls, Michael Newton This Is Your Brain on Food, Uma Naidoo

Power vs. Force, Dr. David R. Hawkins

The Four Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz

The Top Five Regrets of the Dying, Bronnie Ware Anxiety RX, Russell Kennedy Reality Unveiled, Zlad Masri

What If This Is Heaven, Anita Moorjani

Dying To Be Me, Anita Moorjani

The Values Factor, Dr. John Demartini

Summary: Bradley Nelson'sThe Emotion Coade Designing the Mind, Ryan A. Bush The Wisdom of Your Cells, Bruce H. Lipton Ph.D. The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle ...and more. Lots and lots more in fact.

And although I'm a walking wealth of knowledge, embodying what I have come to know from my own personal experiences with manifesting, collapsing time, inner child healing, energy mastery, unconscious mind science, rewriting and rewiring self-identity messaging in the body/brain and more, is worth way more than just knowing about it. This is what you're ready Embody who you've been Imagining and Re Imagining yourself to be...and with someone who'll be right by your side the entire way. I share what I've shared so far because it's hard for anyone to show on the outside, the wealth of knowledge and wisdom known on the inside.

More Expansion...

Fairly recently as I had identified myself as a Manifest Coach where I share with women how to manifest their desires more effortlessly, efficiently and without worrying about The How, I came into an epiphany of recognizing that to desire and then get, to desire and get again, was nothing but another program that people get trapped in. See what I mean? Bokeh lights and raindrops...everything and nothing at all. Now don't get me wrong! Although I recognized this, I also realized that the main and foundational understanding of this cycle caused me to experience coming back into my body vs escaping into the mind where the majority of humanity lives without recognizing it. And therefore humanity gets caught in the "change your mind, change your life" loop where you're literally mostly not recognizing, honoring or valuing the signals of your body which are your most true signals vs. only paying attention to the thoughts and movement of the mind and emotion which aren't true at all evidenced by their transient nature, ie., they move all the time. I learned that thought and emotion are tools to assist us humans to travel in this system of reality. But without our awareness as such we get stuck.

Yet More Expansion... Along this particular journey back into my body I had a visit with the moment called Present, itself. The Present, ie., present-tense(which is far from tense at all) gave me the knowing that in the the moment, there is no want and no desire at all. The Present, which only lasts 0.5 seconds btw, is complete and perfect. There is nothing outside of it. An individual would need to experience this for themselves to realize what I'm speaking of. There's no excessive thought - I hesitate to say there's no thought because in order for me to have observed what I was experiencing I had to have been thinking to conclude my experience. However, because so much of my thoughts and thought process ceased to exist in the Present?... It was jarring! I actually summoned my thoughts back (in a panic) because I felt in that very moment that I didn't know how to exist without the experience of all those thoughts. Once I summoned them back I realized that because I was able to summon them back, I was the one controlling at least an aspect of this process.

Bringing my consciousness back into the awareness of my body has been one of the most magnificent experiences of my life! It also led me to a tool called Human Design. For the sake of the length of what I've already written I'll say the following about Human Design. You know how for years we've been told that being human didn't come with an instruction manual? Well, initially it didn't. But what I call, an instruction manual, was provided by a gentleman named Alan Robert Krakower who published a book called The Human Design System under the pseudonym Ra Uru Hu in 1992 following a mystical experience in 1987. To date(which does not mean another system doesn't exist) I have not experienced a set of instruction as accurate to my already-lived life experiences, how I function and react, etc., as the Human Design system. But stay tuned! I coined a phrase years ago, You only know what you know, until you know something else, Me. It also turns out that Human Design leads me right back to one of my program's I'm most excited about, Rewrite/Rewire Your Unconscious Beliefs as HD points to the work I do with my clients as one of the quickest ways to experience transformation in your life.

“Lisa, Thank you soooo for today's rebalancing session. It was divine. There truly are no words in the English dictionary to describe the experience. But I feel all the feels in my heart,mind & body today. Thank you for being a loving guide and space holder during my rebalancing session. Everyone needs to experience this.” Jerica Glasper

Now to my soul clients - I first started with letting you in to a glimpse of who I BE

as a person and obviously there's still no way to truly encapsulate all of who an individual BE. I want you to know that I SEE you. I understand what you're experiencing as an ever-expanding being who, although you know who you are in the boardroom, corporate environments and such, and although in the beginning of your career years ago, you agreed with and saw no other way than to do what you do best- Make money and Be the Boss that you are whether in corporate or at home. But now it appears that ready or not, your heart is recognizing a shift that feels even beyond your usual ability to control things. I've been there. And every single experience I spoke of earlier has guided me as I've learned to trust myself and what I'm hearing more keenly and ultimately, follow it. Your heart, even though you do value money, I mean who doesn't need money for the experiences you want? - is being rearranged. You feel a calling, an urging that's flowing from your heart center First that then flows and calls forth, money. This might be feeling scary but you know it's right. You've already collected the data on your body and mind's first arrangement - Money First than YOU! This is not necessarily about leaving or quitting your job. Unless you're feeling you need to and are prepared to do so. However this rearrangement requires your attention NOW! - To start learning how to put what you're feeling, knowing and understanding about yourself into the heart-centered alignment it's calling for by also learning HOW TO STOP WORRYING ABOUT THE HOW. You can't help but feel this call.. this urging and pulling in your heart center. It may almost feel frustrating because you've been so aligned with how you've done things in the past, you've been that project-planner and the one that people, the job, your family have called upon because you're known to get things done. But even that doesn't feel important anymore - to be known for that. Again, Bokeh lights and raindrops - ie., Those identities use to mean everything and now that meaning pales in comparison to something else, the YOU you're so desiring to BE.

Your SELF is calling for things now like peace, rest, healthy food, music, ambiance, memories, grass under your feet and Bokeh lights with raindrops. You've come to a place of knowing after all that time, life-force energy, focus and whatever else you can think of, that even though it was and still is important, there's something else even greater...YOU. You're in a space of reimaging yourself. Reimagining who you could be if you decide to let go of the self-identification that's kept you here for so long and did a full dove-tail and heart-forward jump into who you're accepting yourself to be now. I almost can't end this writing because I'm feeling you and me at the same time. I Feel you...literally. I offer us a space to come listen to light music in the background of our soul-sessions(If that's what we want). I'm literally listening to Jazz Christmas music with the background image of a crackling fireplace as I write this as it's currently the Christmas Season.

I offer us a space to come together to drink our favorite drink with our pajamas and fuzzy slippers on- To laugh and cry as the energies of our lives take us on journeys of where we came from to where we're going. Yes! I'm going to! I'm a Projector in Human Design and can't help but travel with you. It's why I'll only accept soul-clients where there's a deep connection before we even come together. In fact if it's you, you're already saying yes as you're reading this writing ..this love letter to you.

I feel myself winding down now. Thank YOU for a journey into your heart as I tapped into what you're currently experiencing. This is where we get to spread our wings together and fly!

See this link for details on this 1 Year Soul Mentoring Program Lisa, Intuitive Guide, Metaphysician


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