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Your husband is not coming with you!

And you keep standing still because you think that he will.

In the meantime you grow more resentful and angry.

I don't mean he's not coming with you physically.

I mean mentally and emotionally.

When we get married we somehow forget that we're individuals. You always were and always will be.

And even though you're married, it does not mean that your journey of evolution will be the same, or at the same time.

In fact, the fact that I am even calling it "a journey" or speaking about "time" entirely distorts the fact that simply by each you and your partner being born, you are experiencing the "journey" period.

The emotional pain like resentment and anger to name a couple, that you start to suffer related to whether or not your husband is evolving with you, or your constant question of asking why he won't, is connected to the story and storylines you have created over the years.

Just so you know, I've been married for 22 years...

No one knows you better than you. Not even your husband.

I understand how hard it may feel because you think you are leaving that person behind.

However you're not.

Me and the hubby

You're only leaving the old story behind.

Who knows?

-Perhaps you'll bring more excitement to yourself and your marriage because you'll discover the You that's been hiding all this time


-Perhaps you'll feel a freedom on the inside because you're no longer attached to the old story that's been playing itself over and over again in your mind, and be able to enjoy your life although not one single thing has changed otherwise, simply because you're in your full expression.

Allow yourself to evolve and release yourself from the emotional pain.

Need help identifying and detaching from your old story and storylines to allow the evolution of your SELF?

You know what to do. Reach out and schedule a consultation today.


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