My Experience With The Book: Busting Loose From The Money Game by Robert Scheinfeld

Busting Loose From The Money Game

Busting Loose From The Money Game was recommended to me during an online webinar I attended.

As I heard some of the concepts being mentioned by my fellow attendees I couldn't help but ask what book they were referring to.

I immediately purchased the book as an audio and I have not regret being able to listen over and over again anytime I choose to.

Because I am a Metaphysician it is not a stretch for me to understand a lot of what Robert Scheinfeld speaks about in his book Busting Loose From The Money Game re: the nature of reality, the holographic universe and life as a game that you and I are both the players and the creators.

I'll start by saying that I find the book extremely refreshing in comparison to most books that try to teach you about money.

I find it refreshing because Robert truly does help you to "escape the game," understanding that it is a game to begin with.

In my experience even if someone is willing to state that this life and money are a game, they then veer off into the very direction that you are attempting to get away from...the entanglement of the money game.

Robert stays on track. And based on his own admission, he stays on track to the point that the reader may want him to quickly skip from the beginning to the end, as he attempts to explain life as a game, and various games of life, their nature and origins, etc.

However I believe it is necessary for Robert to make sure he has covered all the bases so to speak, so that ultimately you will not get lost on the journey he takes you on.

Another great reason for purchasing the audio book version is because you will find yourself needing to listen to certain parts over again for clarity.

And then something completely unexpected happened!

Lisa is surprised!

In the book Robert explains a series of steps to follow during the times that you find yourself feeling, what he calls 'discomfort' in your life, and especially as related to money.

I won't list the steps because you really should purchase the book.