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I Was So Much In My Mind I Forgot About My Body

It was back in 2011 when I had the most enlightening experience to that point.

I was experiencing so much inner turmoil that I felt like I couldn't take it anymore.

One day as I walking down into my basement when I got to the bottom of the stairs I heard, with the same thoughts that brought you here, I'm going to show you how to get yourself out.

I was about to say I don't believe I've ever heard words so clear coming from inside myself but that would be a big fat lie. This is one of the things I'm working on as I continue experimenting with Human Design - knowing exactly, the mechanics of who I BE as an energy expression in this world. And if it's one thing I am is a seer and someone who hears, ie., clairaudient.

So that day when I heard those words I was also being shown at the same time, what my thoughts had been and how each thought even if not expressed out of my mouth, was impacting my body first, the momentum of other thoughts just like it, and finally how I was impacting everything I touched.

My Coaching business was born from this newly found understanding. I wanted to tell anybody who'd listen about what I had just found out.

Over time believing my business was to be online and because when you're among thousands of people with their own and varying messages, I lost MySelf. I became buried in what everyone else had to say, how they moved online, etc., etc. Our perception of being buried can be a useful thing though. Because for me it means I need to find my way out and so I start asking questions of myself. My main question? What's going on? I always get an answer. Always. Of course this question would lead me down various roads and with various and more indepth innerstandings about what I'm seeking an answer to.

You see, a question is not just a question. It seems to know what you're really asking to the depths of your soul, dna and inner functioning. At least mine does. And if it doesn't, that very question leads to other questions that ultimately give me the answer I'm looking for at least for that time. The answer is not always pretty or even something you understand it's connections to, but it's always in alignment. Ultimately as the years have unfolded and because I'm currently experiencing an autoimmune disease, arthritis, I began to ask how any individual not exploring inner child work and holding on to hurtful experiences from the past impact and/or cause automimmune disease.

Of course this was my question for 2 reasons: 1) Because I know everything is connected. 2) Because everything is connected Ultimately I had an interview(I was the interviewer) with a doctor/author who had recently released his book(which went #1 btw in a category he doesn't even specialize in professionally but lived personally, Psychology). And before the interview I decided to read the doctor's book Anxiety RX you know, so I'd have something to talk to him about and genuinely be able to engage him and the audience with. And what I read, or listened to rather because I like to listen to books vs read nowadays, changed how I was viewing the world and I believe set me on the path to ultimately starting to study Human Design. The doctor, Dr. Russell Kennedy, talked about how the experiences we've had live in the body and although the mind has some part to play, the most important part of healing is to recognize the "alarms" going off inside of the body and go from there. Of course his book teaches you how to do this. And for the sake of this post I have already shared a link to the doctor's book and also I'm sharing the interview the doctor and I did: Childhood Trauma And It's Relationship To Automimmune Disease where I share the revelations I began to experience as a result of the book and so much more.

You see, what I learned back in 2011 was a piece to a puzzle. And although over the years I definitely knew, taught and have courses and sessions teaching individuals not to ignore how they're feeling and to Leverage Your Pain - I had not heard it quite like Dr. Kennedy presented it. As I've continued on the path to innerstand even more deeply I'm grateful to have stumbled upon Human Design where at least so far, I've not heard or seen the mechanics of an individual's energetic expression, ie., who you BE and how you express yourself in this reality, in such detail and accuracy - further allowing me to come back into my body vs using the mind as an escape and staying there. We don't even recognize we're doing it because we've been doing it for so long. And I'm here to tell you that as much as you may believe it's better for you to stay where you've been all this time, it's profound, transformational and any other word that is the same thing, to come back and abide within and learn how to function within yourself. Me,

I know now that I am here to guide those who deeply see and value this work and what I bring to it as an intuitive seer who's clairaudient and more. I won't lie to you. As I am inspired to share parts of my story and journey I am also learning and experimenting with what is means to truly embody my energy as a Projector and at times it means simply going with the flow. If you're here I know you can and/or are learning to appreciate this. I'll stop right there. If you desire to connect, for now you can reach out by replying to this blog or schedule a session by clicking the above link. Peace and blessings on your journey.


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