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How To Create A Successful Goal-Oriented Facebook Group

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Know Your Worth I always need to remind myself that even after I've already had an experience from years ago, it doesn't negate the fact that what I experienced as a service-based and conscious business owner, still contains highly valuable insights and lessons for someone who has yet to embark on doing what I've done.

So I'm sharing this valuable resource for anyone who's considered starting a Facebook group with a specific purpose and if you desire for your community to experience specific outcomes that both you and your community can measure whether objectively or subjectively.

The Following Is The Value You Will Receive From This Blog:

  • Facts about Facebook groups and why you may want to consider one.

  • Results of the women service-based business owners who were in the group.

  • What type of service-based businesses did the women in the group own.

  • Why I decided to start a goal-oriented Facebook group to begin with.

  • Some of my biggest mistakes.

  • List of questions asked before you could join the group.

  • My greatest insight(s) and therefore impact to get the exact results I was looking for for the women that were in the group.

  • Testimonials

Although the Facebook group I created was for the specific reasons you'll read about, you can associate and apply what I share to your own group and what you'd like to accomplish for yourself and your group or community.

Facts And Why A Facebook Group

According to my internet search as of August 2022 over 10 million groups were on Facebook, with over 1.8 billion people using them each month. There are over 70 million admins and moderators running active Facebook groups.

Here's my small share in that piece of the 10 million group pie.

Let's start with some results FIRST.

Results For the women Who Were A Fit For The Leverage Your Pain Facebook Group.

  • 1st sale EVER online...well, something like 5 sales on the first day for her home made soap.

  • Courage to finally publish website.

  • Understanding the direct influence emotions have on business.

  • Focus and accountability to meet deadlines.

  • Work with other women from around the country.

  • Specific group assignments completed.

  • Support and encouragement from other service-based business owners.

  • Podcast guest opportunities

  • Better personal emotional regulation making it possible to manage staff more efficiently.

Types Of Service-Based Business Owners In The Group:

  • Hair Salon

  • Handmade Soap

  • Real Estate

  • Juice Bar

  • Reiki Healer

  • Me, Metaphysician, Spiritual Counselor and Psych-K Facilitator And more.

Why I Decided To Start A Facebook Group

When I first started the group, Leverage Your Pain, it was a Beta project I created because of having had the experience for years with professional women online who desired to see their businesses grow. And from my perspective these same women didn't seem to know that by addressing their emotional pain it would make life better and therefore would have an incredible impact on their business.

My belief came from my own personal experience. "As YOU grow your business will grow." Lisa

Don't get me wrong. It's not that people haven't been able to build successful businesses without addressing their emotional needs first.

But for me it's been my calling and purpose to support women in holistic health, which in my knowing doesn't fragment you, the being, from the areas of life you deem as important like family, finances, emotional health, spirituality and/or personal empowerment. My goal was/is to specifically help service-based business owners to Leverage Your Pain, ie., understand the communication your emotions are teaching you and how this relates and translates to who you BE in your life and business.

Determining From The Beginning What Success Means To You As The Facilitator Of Your Group And Those Who Decide To Join You:

I'm grateful for my experience as a Certified, Advanced Process Improvement Facilitator. It taught me to think with the end in mind. This doesn't mean you won't need to rethink and tweek things along the way. I certainly did, and quickly I might add. But when you know what value you want to, and are capable of providing, the process to getting there will show itself.

What did success specifically mean to me in creating the Leverage Your Pain Facebook group?

  • A focused and accountable group.

  • The members knowing specifically what project or process you're working on during your time in the group so you can either measure or know you've come substantially closer to achieving the result you're looking for.

  • Masterful facilitation.

  • Increased awareness re: how emotions can be leveraged to work with you not against you in life/business.

  • Testimonials.

Some Of My Biggest Mistakes.

Ok! Ok! It was all my fault! I was so excited about creating the group and inviting a bunch of my Facebook friends that I didn't realize how important it was to ask pertinent questions before accepting members into the group.

How did I come to understand this should have been done?

Because I initially had a bunch of women in the group just lurking and not participating. This is what also let me know to make the group private/secret.

List Of Questions Asked To Allow Access To The Group:

First things first, even if someone was referred to the group, if they did not answer the questions they could not enter the group. Period. Here are the questions that were important to participation in the group.

  • What is your service-based business?

  • Are you ready and willing to engage in a group that has discussion about emotion?

  • What top 3 emotions come to mind when you think about your business and why?

My Greatest Revelation & Insight And Therefore Impact, Came When I Implemented The Following:

  • Providing a group timeline

The first day I opened the group there was no timeline. It was by divine intervention and guidance that I saw something(not even sure what it was) that spelled out how important it is to provide a timeline. A start and finish. It was the best thing I could have done for myself being the Facilitator of the group. I was able to maintain enthusiasm, focus and keep the group on track, knowing what my ultimate goal was.

  • Providing a visual start and finish using symbols(humanity's first language).

What the hell is she talking about, you might ask? Well, I used a simple arrow as the symbol that would keep the group on track.

YOU ARE HERE > > > > > > > > VICTORY(As defined by you is) HERE

I used the number of arrows representing the number of weeks the group would remain open, subtracting an arrow per week to symbolize the number of weeks left. This seemily small implementation created inherently built-in accountability and inspired momentum.

  • Choose a particular project or process and introduce it to the group.

There was no way in hell you were going to be in this group and not get as near as possible to completing your project. If you did, it was completely on you. Each participant chose 1 project they felt they could realistically complete in 8 weeks.

  • Always asking, How does it make you feel when..., questions. Looking to measure shifts in perspective of group members.

This specific type of question caused the women in the group to remain aware of why they were in the group to begin with and to always be paying attention to the deeper communication of their emotions and how to leverage their emotion(s) to impact their business.

  • Weekly Facebook Lives

If I noticed a pattern of discussion or questions in the group, I created a Facebook Live to respond and use as a teaching opportunity. This worked wonderfully and kept me from having to repeat myself about anything being asked, considered or discussed.

  • The LOVE Seat

I created the Love seat as a one-on-one coaching opportunity for the members in this community to share what they were feeling emotionally while together we explored the communication that emotion was seeking to express, and how to leverage the opportunity provided.

  • Strategy, strategy and more strategy.

As members shared their specific projects, I provided ideas/business coaching so they could gain momentum more rapidly online.

I'm sure there's more. And I will update this blog as I revisit the archived Leverage Your Pain group.

In case you didn't notice what I just shared about the group being archived, it's another brilliant resource.

Your group is yours. DO NOT delete your groups unless there's a damn good reason. Instead, archive them. Leverage Your Pain is a group from years ago. However I'm able to continue to access it whenever I want to.

Testimonials And Comments:

"Lisa since I’ve been a fan of yours I have begun to allow my emotions to give me clues on getting more focused in my business and tap into the needs of my clients. I allowed my anxiety to lead me, my business, actually my life but with no rewards. Leverage your Pain is an outstanding tool for businesses everywhere. I’m more confident now that I’m understanding that my emotions are my gps to success. Wow! What a revelation Lisa! You’ve help me find my gps to success! Thank you and I hope others are being blessed as am I." Irika S., Hairanjel Salon, Salon Owner

"So happy to be here and part of another group spearheaded by you." Tina R., Travel Made Easy By Tina

"The Love Seat"

Oh my goodness! To say that this wonderful chat was motivating, is an understatement! Lisa has helped me so much to realize that pain is there to help me to ask the right questions and to understand that I already have the answers. I now know how to use my pain as my motivator to move forward in my business. No more putting myself on the shelf and second guessing. Thank you so much Lisa Scott!" "Thanks so much for starting this group." "I am feeling more hopeful and looking forward to the future." Rebecca R.

"I can tell already this group will have me laser-focused in no time." Lisa B., Certified Wllness Counselor, Certified Personal Trainer, Co-Owner, Akaline Us, Juice Bar

"Lisa Scott, This is divine instruction on how to organize and harness the power of the brain through any of life's undertaking. Being transparent I have been like a wild woman try to get all the ideas or assignments so to speak that have been given to me in this lifetime completed. That overwhelmed feeling had me stuck, yep but not anymore. Sister you are helping me sooooooo much.You laid out the fundamentals like the ABC's and the 123"s. Love you for that, girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I prayed for organization may be 2-3 times over the last two weeks, being that I am more visionary and see ideas all day are an answer to a prayer I won't you to know that. I needed the structure to birth them, you are helping.You are amazing!!! This is the calm that I needed. God Bless You!!!" Melissa C., Reiki Practitioner, Spiritual Healer & Teacher

"Feeling focused! The weight seems to be lifted. Surpising, how that works when intentions are specific." Niichi N., Entrepreneur

"I'm always recommending that my clients speak and live their truth. This is a nice reminder for me to do that as well." Arialle C., Energy Healer & Spiritual Counselor, Owner, Crystal Cognizance LLC

A recap of the revelation & insights:

  • Provide a timeline - This builds inherent accountability.

  • Use symbols as visuals - Symbols are humanities first language.

  • Choose 1 project - Allows for reasonable/managable completion.

  • Always remind the group why they're there - A group can take you off track if you let it. Don't.

  • Weekly Facebook lives - Teaching opportunity to answer repeated questions and discussions.

  • Bonus: The Love seat - Opportunity for community members to see/hear you in action re: your coaching style and more importantly, to assist to solve a current problem.

The Leverage Your Pain Facebook group was not only impactful during it's 8 week existence. But the women who were part of this group, who I've heard from a couple of members years later, how pivotal Leverage Your Pain was in their confidence, personal power and achievement, to be better service-based business owners by first being better for themselves.

I hope you find this resource valuable in helping you to create your Goal-oriented Facebook Group.


I am Lisa Scott, Metaphysician, Spiritual Counselor, Manifest Coach & PSYCH-K®Facilitator

I Guide professional, retired and career & lifestyle-pivoting women into the state of being of your soul-calling AS IF it's occuring right now, causing you to know you're safe inside your own body & eliminating worrying about The HOW.

Are you a professional, retired or lifestyle-pivoting women ready to stop worrying about The HOW? If so, start here with my FREE audio training to help you shave years off of moving from where you are to where you desire to be.

Learn 2 of the most effective tools every professional woman with a soul-calling needs to go from being held in place & not doing what you want to do, to already experiencing where you want to be, NOW.

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I truly valued the experience I had in this online group setting! It pushed me to challenge myself and to think differently/ explore topics I otherwise may have missed as a busy entrepreneur. I got a lot from this post as well- thinking of a group with an end in mind and goal oriented is interesting to me as I help people to lose weight and achieve wellness goals. There are a couple ideas I would certainly deploy, especially the use of characters to indicate start and finish timelines. Lisa, you are the gift that keeps on giving with your insights, intuitiveness and knowledge. Bless you!!

Lisa G

Owner & Certified Wellness Counselor

Alkalicious Juice Bar

Chesapeake, VA

Lisa Scott
Lisa Scott
Oct 25, 2023
Replying to

Lisa, Your willingness to engage the group, ask questions, be steadfast with deadlines, watch the Facebook lives, etc., was not only refreshing but was/is a testament to your commitment to yourself and your business.

I'm excited you're choosing to deploy, immediately, the valuable use of symbols, implementing a timeline, and thinking with the end in mind.

As you're already aware, these will be like invisible team members to help you guide others and yourself with more efficiency and focused momentum.

Thank you for your leadership in helping to make and keep people healthy.


The early days of my business was about self discovery. The group Lisa facilitated was so helpful in integrating the truth about my vision and passion that I would share with the world. As a visionary I crave advancement and any time spent with her is time spent progressing. I nicknamed her "The Rocket" at this time, because people are surely lifted when she is involved in their destiny. Her coaching was bubbly, brave, and authentic as a supporter and guide. Lisa is a genuine person that helped others get results through this program. One can become securely set in their purpose as a result of her work.

Lisa Scott
Lisa Scott
Oct 24, 2023
Replying to

Absolutely beautiful. Thank you. Your presence, energy, excitement, and enthusiasm for what you knew was to come for you and where you are now was and is inspiring. You always had a nickname in your pocket. I love it! You're a gift to the world. Keep healing and shining that powerful light.

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