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Auto Suggestion

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Talk to your other self.

Did you know there is a conscious you and an unconscious you? The conscious you is the thinking you. The unconscious you is the you that acts like a recording device, recording everything and I do mean everything you have said to yourself about a situation, an event, or yourself, and is playing continuously in your mind like an endless tape recorder.

The continuos tape recording that is playing in your mind is what is determining your daily actions.

You thought you were in control? You're not.

But here is the exciting news!

You can consciously direct your imagination to state what it is you desire and ultimately redirect your actions to chart a new course in your life. This is called auto Suggestion.

Auto Suggestion is not will power but rather, knowing(imagination/desire) and allowing.

Coming to the place of knowing, with subtle repetition of directed thought and while relaxing, allows your body and your senses to take in the information or thoughts you are suggesting.

You are making a suggestion through your conscious self to your unconscious self, replacing the old recording with a new recording.

Some time ago I recorded an audio explaining the process I use when using Auto Suggestion. Have a listen and please comment, like and share this blog post and the recording with someone you love.

Lisa, B.MSC. Lisa assists her clients who are professional men and women, back to their own SELF-Awareness by clearing the path of illusions making it easier for you to see. And by assisting her clients to uncover and use the tools you already have on the inside." Products: ​​​​​​TRANSFORMATION STARTS WITHI​N PODCAST SERIES

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