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Scarcity, Grandma And Releasing Old Contracts

For the past week I've been working with the energy called scarcity, due to an e-mail offer I received from a young lady named Pilar Lesko.

I'm appreciative of Pilar's work because she, so far, most closely embodies some of my same core beliefs as well as her expertise and commitment to the subtleties and nuances expressed in energy.

When her offer hit my email I fell in love with her depth of expression and how I felt she gets me re: money, on the level I'm looking to be understood.

I deeply value the subtleties and nuances of energies.

It's part of my personal path in how I'm able to help myself and my clients in deep spaces that haven't yet been explored as a possibility to healing - that, as far as I'm concerned, cause time-collapses and quicker stored information transformation.

As I began working with the subtleties and nuances of scarcity and the various ways scarcity has represented itself energetically in my life, I uncovered spaces within myself where it's lived for years that I didn't realize it could exist such as the death of my grandmother, my father's mother.

My father's mother was the first person who died when I was young that was close to me and that I deemed of great value.

"Of great value." I couldn't believe these were the words I chose as I searched myself looking for where scarcity currently existed in my body and experience so I could allow it to speak to me about it's presence.

Scarcity taught me that I'd been unwilling to experience the depth of pain that I experienced when my grandmother passed.

And with my grandmother = value, the program began within me( that I wasn't consciously aware of) value = pain, creating resistance to anything of value.

And even though facing energies and the stories behind their existence is the foundation of how I work, I had not thought to face scarcity head on to find out what it had to communicate.

Back To My Grandmother

I remember asking myself how someone of such great value to me could die and leave my space never to return again.

Ironically as I'm typing this my family and I just said goodbye to our fur family member, Miles.

Rest easy Miles.

I was too young to articulate this question.

I also didn't realize that I'd not fully mourned my grandmother's death. This was profound news to me.

You see, even though you're not expressing it and don't remember certain parts of your memory structure and how it may have affected you, your body/unconscious mind always remembers.

The importance of this is to bring your awareness to paying attention to certain patterns and repetitions of behaviors and circumstances that become highlighted in your awareness.

It's likely there's an energetic unconscious pattern of communication that will require you interrupting it.

Florence Takes It Home

I woke up listening to Florence Scovel Shinn's audio book on Youtube, The Game Of Life and How To Play It.

I don't even remember at what point during my tossing and turning, I looked at my phone and decided to press play. All I know is I'm glad I did.

As Florence spoke and because I was still in the Theta state - you know, that state just between being consciously aware and still being asleep, I was able to easily synthesize what she was sharing.

Every word I agreed with went in like a download. No fuss. No argument. No part of my body fighting against what I was being informed about.

My soul, my heart and the pit of my stomach, understood deeply.

As Florence spoke on forgiveness and gave countless examples of how to free oneself from the bondages we create, I began remembering people I never would have associated to being held in bondage by me and even physical contracts I'd long ago entered into, where at that moment in time I felt immense sadness and grief as I signed and agreed, came graciously back to my remembrance.

It was amazing how I began to understand the energetic nuances and subtleties within whatever and whoever came to mind and my connection to them regarding scarcity.

I swept through my heart with a proverbial forgiveness-broom gathering everything and everyone my mind could possibly remember. And I not only forgave it, them and myself, but simultaneously began to pronounce well wishes and envision great things for everyone's life.

This is something that when I think of certain people, I don't believe I ever would have done, otherwise.

This instantly stopped the momentum and stories within my scarcity-program to what I now realize would have been a continuous cycle.

My awareness of the absence of the previous energies registered throughout my entire body.

I'm grateful for all of my wee-hours-of-the-morning-sweeping.

I feel light and courageous at the same time.

And as these barriers are moved, I am once again and one more layer, free.

I am Lisa Scott, Spiritual Counselor, Metaphysician, Manifest & Rewrite/Rewire Unconscious Beliefs, Guide

Please excuse the quality of my baby pic. But it's my favorite and the only one I have. It shows my state of being as happiness and my fashion sense with my red shawl and lace stockings. Lol

I guide professional women into states of being of your desired outcomes AS IF it's already occurring, eliminating worrying about The HOW.

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