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I Already Am The Person I Always Wanted To Be

The title of this blog post is my son Michael's affirmative statement as of yesterday after our first business meeting. In fact as familiar business meetings go, we didn't have one of those. And instead of rewriting what I already shared yesterday on Facebook, here is the post. ___________

"In a world that operates on what they see and external elements, your work centralizes finding the solution to internal conflicts." Michael Scott- stating what he feels my work does for the world after his own personal experience.

I wasn't only doing a happy dance inside after my son told me the above words, I was touched at how much value he said he receieved and what my work does for the world.

My son Michael and I scheduled to have a work meeting regarding a product he's interested in developing.

One topic led to another as I immediately realized he and I were to deconstruct his having already experienced the end of the day where he's had the most successful day in sales he's ever had.

As I'm providing the emotional triggers to prime his understanding of what I mean by going into the state/that successful day, AS IF it's already occuring, Michael began to organically do what every single one of my clients has done in the past - slow down at the threshold before crossing over into the state of being AS IF it's already occurred.

My clients slow down to address what they don't want to take with them into the new state which has not been addressed, such as internal communications that've been playing themselves out in the background of the mind and any current worries that cannot go into the new state of being.

This is incredible! This is beautiful! This is necessary for those it's necessary for, my clients.

Here's what's happening that I spontaneously needed to draw to represent what I began to explain to my son.

-On the one side of the line is the concept of self an individual is in now(the circle). -The line represents the threshold the individual is about to cross over. -And the arrow represents the new concept of self and the new state the individual will enter into.

Come on ya'll! This was on the fly! Literally as we were taking off into his new state.

As Michael and my clients slow down what they actually become consciously aware is THEIR CREATIVE POWER.

My clients know they don't even want to play around and begin to create something, having left something undone.

They understand the enormous hindrances, hardships and stalls this creates because they've already been there and done that.

In the safe space, energy of surety and my capacity to amplify, so far, no one dare deviate to less than what they want.

The light of knowing is too powerful foless, to stand in it's presence.

I've had an incredible day.

Thank YOU son for taking me even deeper into understanding. Lisa,

I am Lisa Scott, Metaphysician & Manifest Coach

I Guide professional, retired and career & lifestyle-pivoting women into the state of being of your soul-calling AS IF it's occuring right now, causing you to know you're safe inside your own body & eliminating worrying about The HOW.

Are you a professional, retired or lifestyle-pivoting women ready to stop worrying about The HOW? If so, start here with my FREE audio training to help you shave years off of moving from where you are to where you desire to be.

Learn 2 of the most effective tools every professional woman with a soul-calling needs to go from being held in place & not doing what you want to do, to already experiencing where you want to be, NOW.


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