Why I Chose To Play The Underdog As One Of My Storylines

It's just a storyline

By now if you have been following my work you know that I have been on a journey for quite some time specifically with relation to the whole "change your thoughts," "change your life" theme.

In what I will call my first cycle, I became consciously aware of my thoughts and the corresponding emotions that went along with those thoughts. And therefore started to learn how to master(so-to-speak), being able to change my thoughts in order to receive a different correlating emotional response, and therefore different actions and outcomes as well.

I explain this process in my first book: When You've Tried Everything Else Except Yourself: 6 Steps To Move Beyond Your Past Experiences And Programs And "Step Into Your Own."

As I continue on this journey I am led to a new understanding. This definitely corresponds with a quote I came up with that still holds true today,

"You only know what you know, until you know something else." Lisa

What I know more than ever is that you and I are not our thoughts. The short and simple of it is that if we were our thoughts you would not be able to change them, and therefore experience other "life-changing" perspectives.

My most recent discovery has to do with the storylines you and I are playing day in and day out, 365. Storylines are strung together thoughts with correlating emotional responses. You and I are no more our storylines than we are our thoughts. They are the same thing.

I was meditating last night and came upon a thought process that was playing itself out in my mind having to do with the storyline of the underdog that I have played in my life.

As I observed the process with no emotional attachment(as an observer outside of the process looking in), I realize that so many of my life's decisions have been played from this role. The role of the what I am calling the underdog.

Yes it goes back to my parents!

I had been desiring for them to see me as they have always seen me. As their "little girl." I had not wanted to move from this role because there are some areas I believed they would be disappointed about.

Upon further observation this has to do with the love and acceptance of a parent to a child.

Believe me I know!

Nobody wants to discuss the hurt or the pain that comes with knowing or revisiting certain realizations. But believe it or not, this is yet another storyline. A form of protecting the self-image program.

And although the storyline feels true simply by virtue of how long it's been playing and the emotional responses, decisions and actions that go along with it, I realize it is simply a storyline.

I look forward to further observations as this and the many storylines of life unfold.

Stay tuned for further writings.

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