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And A Bowl Of Cream Of Wheat

I know you're probably thinking what the heck is she talking about?

But if you've been led to this brief post it's because you already resonate with what I'm about to say.

You see, there was a time when I would separate what I personally love from what I perceived business to be. And what I came to understand long ago is that as much as I would try to do this, attempt to mimick the way others showed up in their business, how they communicated or how they packaged what they offered, etc., etc., I just couldn't do it!

But the replica monster, even when I seemed to realize it wasn't working, I'd still find myself reverting back to it because it felt familiar. But it never felt good.

Enter Human Design(which is a whole other post) and years and years of having collected the data, that to do anything other than to listen to my inner guidance was not only a waste of time but left me with an elongated futile longing in my spirit and abandonment of my heart.

In all of my disconnecting from myself, I wasn't noticing that I wasn't listening to or tuning into the types of music my heart wanted to hear as often as I wanted to hear it and I wasn't weaving in the colors in my external surroundings that my eyes were yearning to see and I wasn't sharing with others something as simple as how much I love a nice steaming hot bowl of cream of wheat. You know? With that pat of butter melting at the top.

I was trying to separate how much I enjoy practicing the piano when I allow myself to, simply because it really helps me to condition my voice even though I don't sing professionally. But I love to hear myself sing in the car especially when I hit a note perfectly.

So what brought me back to myself? The short answer is Human Design. The long answer is the data collection I mentioned and realizing that instead of abandoning what I believe I'm ready to embody what I believe. Here's some of what I believe: -I do not need to market or advertise for my clients and I to resonate with one another and therefore find one another. -I am the creator of the money I experience. I don't 'make money' outside of myself. -I don't need to work hard in the way society has trained people to believe(enter finding out I'm a Projector in Human Design and we're not meant to work but to guide the other energy types to how to express their energy most effectively in order to experience their success). -Business is an expression of myself and not separate from me.

-I don't need to have hundreds of thousands of clients to make a lot of money. -I want for my clients what I want for myself.

-Those who resonate with me and value my purpose on the earth don't box me in in their minds and value me regardless of how often I show up on social media, knowing that my work requires my being away from various social media outlets

Embodying What I Believe

I'm not going to lie to you. Embodying what I believe is no small task. And even with the years of inner work, inner child work, ooks, videos, mentors, etc., these works although an important part of the journey that has brought me to where I am today, embodying has so far, required me to detox from mentors that I love, clubhouse rooms that I frequented, Youtube channels that I listened to, Facebook, TikTok and more. I am not saying that I don't go into these spaces at all but they mean a lot less to me than my own inner voice and guidance and what I hear from the realms of eternity. I hear more keen with my spiritual hearing because I feel my heart connected with eternity itself letting it know I'm ready to hear. I am more excited than I've been in the past to receive the messages meant for my eternity, the realms and spiritual guides. Embodying has a great deal to do with me shutting the hell up! Shutting The Hell Up!

As a Projector in Human Design, it turns out that our non-self theme is, Bitterness. The reason we can be so bitter is because after so many years and likely even before this lifetime we hold a great deal of accumulated knowledge and wisdom as well as our inherent ability to be keenly aware of the gifts that others hold and how to most effectively manage these gifts for optimal success. And if that's not enough we have a penetrating aura which allows us to see, feel and innerstand others as if we are them which causes us in a lot of cases to spill out what we have inside to share....even though we haven't been invited to do so.

A Projector must be invited to share their wisdom for reasons that are detrimental to a Projectors Signature which is Success. A Projector must be invited first because Projectors are considered non-energy types which means Projectors do not have the energy reserves to pull upon because of their undefined Sacral Center( The Sacral center represents vital life force, reproduction, sustainability and sexuality) and Motors( The Motors are the energy needed to manifest, to bring forth and express) that are not connected to the throat. In this regard because Projectors have been conditioned by the rest of society in the following ways: -Need to work hard -Have to be seen regularly or you won't be seen at all -Need to get my voice out to gain recognition

and more, the Projector through this conditioning ends up spilling all their wisdom-Tea and not being deeply seen or valued based on not being invited in the first place, and therefore becomes bitter. As I am continuing to work with my Authority being: Emotion and my Stategy being: Wait for the invitation, just working with these two areas alone have assisted me in experiencing profound transformation(s) that I couldn't have possibly seen coming. I have to take it one step further though!! I have been practicing shutting the hell up in the physical. However to also be experiencing an almost completely diminshed need to wish I could speak or be busy in my mind answering the question that I shouldn't be speaking out loud because I wasn't invited, is an internal peace that surpasses any understanding I've known in a long time. There's lots more but I'll have to share that during our continued time of hanging out together when Eternity, together with my own unique form of expression invites me here to share again through a blog post. It's been fun! I'm off to go back to resting, watching a little TV and enjoying my external environment more because I'm having a ball in my internal environment. Me,

I love this pic! I was so sparkly that night!

I'm Lisa Scott. I'm here as a Intuitive Guide, Self-Awareness Facilitator, Metaphysician, Spiritual Counselor and Seer continuing on my own journey of embodying the success template I've had an intuitive knowing about for a very long time. "I hope I never see you again" has been a tagline of mine I'm bringing back as it's my intention that when you and I are doing 1:1 work, we are getting to the core and root of the unconscious programs that have been expressing themselves in your reality and hindering you from accepting how you see and want to experience yourself in the now. Right now I have a 1:1 Program that although I thought my focus was on Human Design Projectors solely, it turns I'm not. I work with who is in resonance with what I'm able to provide, who organically gravitates into this safe space and who deeply values and sees this depth of work and introspection as valuable on your embodiment journey. Decondition Your Unconscious Programs & Beliefs For Projectors

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