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How To Leave Your Job Before You Leave

"I am a Projector and it's hard to mesh into this society while being who I am. I want to frolic all day but a ninja has bills. :( " Tony from Tik Tok

The Mechanics Of Your Specific Energy Type Were Uniquely Designed For/About You You don't need to be a Projector to be disillusioned with the difference between how your specific energy type and signature expresses itself and the stagnant, unalive programs set up in this system not designed to care whether you experience the expression unique to your specific energy signature.

The awareness of your internal knowing of feeling tied down or bond in your current reality is your indicator light that you are not functioning in correctness of your particular human design.

So no matter about you saying what you must do, should do or have to do, the mechanics of your specific energy signature are always expressing itself, ie., your unconscious programs(what you are not aware of) are always working in conjunction with your conscious programs(what you are aware of). Through the larger network of energies that are always at play in our earth-realm there has been a huge attuning and reset phase where many continue to become aware of what their specific energy's mechanics are calling for. The individual may define this as asking their soul what it wants vs the data they've been collecting in doing what was in support of the external rules and definitions of what success means in this life.

I Was Looping A Timeline And Found Out How To Exit

Some years ago I was experiencing what I would call jumping from job to job because I was taught that with each new job(and because each job was still within the healthcare system I worked for)came with a slight increase in salary. After I jumped to my last job I started to real-eyes(realize) that no amount of salary increase was actually making me happy.

I decided to ask myself what I really wanted vs job-hopping, believing it was actually providing what I was really looking for - happiness on my terms. That day I went home and sat with myself quietly in my bedroom and asked myself, what do you really want?

One by one(approximately three) different answers came but felt familiar in my body to what I already was doing at the time.

Somehow I could feel that if the answers were familiar they were not to be acknowledged. I sat patiently with myself and as I mentally brushed each familiar response to the side within my mind, an unfamiliar response arose that lit my entire body up and seemed to sound like a literal alarm was sounding off inside of my body - You want to work part-time making full-time money! These were the best words I'd ever heard! They felt like home.

It wasn't long before I would begin to hear opposing thoughts rise up as if people outside of myself were saying them but no one else was there. It was me inside of my own mind hearing, How dare you! Who do you think you are? No one else around you is working part-time making full-time money. I reminded myself that the voices I was hearing was me and I realized I was being presented with an opportunity - the opportunity to decide whether the statements I was being challenged with were truth of who I was or would I be able to leave them behind and move on. In other words was I going to stay looping the timeline I had created for myself or exit? I quickly realized these thoughts(life forms) could not come with me where I was about to go(in my feelings/reactions/emotions, etc.) And no sooner than I declared the thoughts to not be true they left my mind and body immediately. I felt an incredible shift and was immediately moved in internal location of mind, ie., state of being, to working part-time making full-time money even though I was still working full-time. I went to work daily at my full-time job. And although I had the normal discussions I always had with co-workers and performed my daily functions and duties, I was no longer there. In other words I was in two locations at once - working part-time making full-time money(mentally) while literally working full-time. Did I experience times when I doubted that I was already working part-time before it happened? Yes. Did I sometimes forget where I was and engage in the foolishness that can come along with working with others? Yes. But because I was so profoundly and thoroughly experiencing the present tense reality of already working part-time, it's magnetism was the dominant force and would quickly pull me back to it.

I'm really not sure how long I remained working full-time while remaining in the state of being I was in, because when you have entered another state of being your perception of time is altered to be in the present.

What I do know? I was ultimately offered a part-time job making full-time money. But I had already left the job before leaving.

Don't forget to click to play this video to see what my reaction was to Tony from Tik Tok. And to see other videos and uniquely inspired insights from the mind of this Projector, you can follow me @manifestlady on Tik Tok

"You are already that which you want to be, and your refusal to believe this is the only reason you do not see it." Neville Goddard There is no quicker route than to be present inside of the location and experience you desire to have, now. My ultimate goal as Guide-Seer-Deep Thinker-Organizer of energy is to continue to help myself and you to detach from self-identifying as though you are the things or the experiences you are currently having therefore creating false and inorganic timelines to stay looped in - Clearing your energy field therefore experiencing not only freedom of movement in the physical but freedom of mind. In HD(Human Design) your unconscious, ie., the storehouse of your emotions, reactions, responses, etc., are already written/energetically stamped approximately 3 months prior to your physical birth based on your birth time of day, date, location, etc., in umbrellas and themes of your specific energy mechanics and design. Energy always existed. You just rode in on a specific pattern and expression. Although these themes remain fixed, ie., go-to's in your reality, you can learn to bypass these themes by being aware and going through them. I work with my clients per the specifics of what you want to experience differently - bringing who you desire to be and experience here, now AND when you're ready, have the conversations and rewrite the programs to detach from self-identifying all together. To enter into the portal of 90 minutes with me where we'll sit(online) have some tea or coffee while you're relaxed in the comfort of your home and I, in mine- while we're wearing the fuzzy slippers with a candle lit in the background - we'll explore and respond to the Universe.

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