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Being A Healthcare Process Improvement Consultant Taught Me About Being A Human Design, Projector

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

I really wanted to title this blog: How Being Invited To Become A Process Improvement Consultant In Healthcare Taught Me Who I Was As A Projector In Human Design. But as you can image there wasn't enough room. So, for some reason as I've journeyed in experimenting with Human Design I keep being reminded of the process and details of my time of being a Healthcare Process Improvement Consultant in a large healthcare organization of about, then, 3,000 employees.

Having a Line 1 in my Human Design profile - Line 1 means Investigator, it's inherent that I go inwardly to investigate patterns, processes, etc. No surprise there.

Also, my Incarnation Cross says - You are driven to know and have a mental understanding of all that you encounter in life. This lead force will drive you to go over and over things until you have a solid understanding. This force will give you purpose, like the ocean waves polishing the stone on the beach you will return to things, to experiences, to memories to go over and over looking for that deeper understanding of how it all works and fits together. This is an individual drive so it is more likely you will use your gift as an example or an individual contributor as most of the rest of us do not have the patience to go over things so many times.

I know you're wondering what does Incarnation Cross mean in Human Design - The Incarnation Cross, in combination with the Profile, is what ultimately defines our purpose on Earth. There are 192 basic Incarnation Crosses in the Human Design System, each derived from a combination of the themes of our Sun and Earth positions. Together, they form the whole of our human experience.

And as I look back, ie., return to things, to experiences, to memories to go over and over looking for that deeper understanding of how it all works and fits together I've gained some insights.

I Was Invited

The most important aspects of Human Design if you learn nothing else about the system is to understand your Strategy and Authority. The Strategy - is how we interact with stimulus from the outside and how we use our energy. The Authority - strengthen and help you follow your own intuition. My Projector Strategy is - To wait for the invite

My Projector Authority is - Emotion When a Projector (which I didn't know I was a Projector at the time), is formally invited as well as deeply seen by the other, this invitation gives the Projector the energy from the other, to manifest or bring into reality. You don't initiate or manipulate; you “wait” for the other to organically flow to you. A little deeper And IF You've Had Your Human Design Bodygraph Chart Done-

If you have an Open (Undefined) Throat Center (indicated by a white colored square near the throat in your chart) and which mine is, you have the natural ability express things the way that best meet the needs of who you are communicating with at that moment (.e.g. Oprah becomes the voice for the room when she goes on stage). The Open Throat is designed to remain silent until it is recognized, invited or asked to be heard. When the Throat Center receives pressure from societal communication energy, it is not connected to anything which results in feeling pressured to talk. When you have open centers (indicated as a white box on your Human Design Chart), you take in other people’s energy(ies) and amplify the energy more extremely; (e.g. you may talk excessively at a party).

I Was Invited Continued... The day I was asked to become a Process Improvement Consultant I was literally going to lunch when I was told that the Director of Education was looking for me. She only knew my name and face. I had been one of the interviewee's in a 3M corporate video where I shared about the process of a PI project team to it's successful conclusion, in which that team had worked together for at least 1 year. The success of the project was even published in a nursing journal. At the time I had no idea the video had been completed, let alone that it was being shared for the previous 3 months before the Director of Education came looking for me. And because I instantly fell in love with PI(Process Improvement) because it made so much sense to me and because I believed it to be the answer to every organization's process related problems( I still do btw) I was beyond excited for the opportunity. I went from making minimum wage and working in an office on the first floor- but it was so near the back of the hospital that the only way anyone knew the office was there was because of their smoke breaks- to being a highly respected Educator, (And I didn't have the normally required Bachelors degree either!), to attending the meetings of board members, being invited to their functions and outings and getting to travel on the company's dime. A Projector's Signature is Success but as the individual determines their own interpretation of success and certainly by embodying the definition of a Projector which is to organize energy, guide energy, think, see and provide guidance. So the success I was experiencing at this particular stage in my life was off the charts. I got to: -Teach over 3,000 employees after mastering the system of Process Improvement. -Use my sight to decipher the difference between what staff members perceived a problem to be and what it actually was.

-Organize the appropriate team members per project teams based on the organization's desired outcomes. -Guide a project team that ultimately increased the organization's bottom-line profits by millions of dollars. -Help doctors use their energy more efficiently, and much more that I'm sure I just don't remember. I love that by getting to know my energy expression and it's mechanics through Human Design, I've been validated in knowing that Projectors are here to Guide the success of the other and therefore also see our own success in very specific ways, ie., to organize energy, to guide energy, to think, to see and provide guidance. These descriptors are all I've ever done and I'm looking forward to the continued unfolding of how I can be of guidance to those or that one whose special invitation is in alignment.



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