How I Manifested A Part-Time Job Making Full-Time Money

Let's jump right into it.

I manifested a part-time job making full-time money by changing my conception of myself.

What does it mean to change your conception of yourself?

Changing your conception of yourself means to change what you've been formulating in your mind.

You and I are formulating through the inner conversations you're having with yourself and assumptions you're making about yourself, what shows up in your external environment.

The doorway to my beginning to understand what conceptions I had about myself, opened at a time where I began to feel the frustration of working various jobs ultimately not being happy.

I decided to pay attention to how I was feeling on the inside and to give myself permission to find out what would make me happy.

I carved out some time one day after working my then, full-time job in order to hear from myself.

As I sat and waited to hear the answer to my question,"What do you REALLY want," I finally heard,"You want to work part-time, making full time money." I could feel the truth of this answer as it lit up every single part of my body. The feelings and knowing that came over me were unlike anything I had felt besides falling in love with my husband.

It was beautiful! But here's the clincher.

Once this state of being moved in there literally was nothing else to be done.

I did absolutely nothing. At least as others may perceive they need to do.

The only "work" I did was to understand the difference between what I really wanted and what I had been compromising, and to get rid of the limiting beliefs that arose to try to challenge my desired outcome of working part-time making full-time money.

Yes. Some challenging thoughts arose that I needed to contend with.

Those limiting beliefs, inner conversations and conceptions translated to thoughts that sounded like this. In fact exactly like this,

"How dare you think you can work part-time making full-time money."

"Who do you think you are wanting to work part-time making full-time money?"

"No one else around you is working part-time, making full-time money."

Once I realized these were my own inner conversations and were simply programs that were running from whatever past conceptions and assumptions I once had, I was able to decide whether these inner conversations, thoughts and conceptions were true for me now, or not. Once I decided they were not my truth, I was able to let them go instantly. Then the state of being of working part-time making full-time money, moved in and became as natural as the state you're in right now.

What is a state of being? A state of being is comprised of what you're thinking and feeling which effects what you're seeing and doing. This is only a brief description.

Before physically manifesting the part-time job I continued to go to my then, full-time job, completely in the state of already working part-time.

This means that even though I still got up, got dressed, went to the full-time job and performed all the functions of that job, I was not tied to it in any way on the inside.