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Manifest More Quickly: What A State Of Being Is And Is Not

A state is an attitude of mind, a state of experience with a body of beliefs which you live by. Always expressing a state, you identify yourself with it by saying: “I am poor or I am rich. I am known or I am unknown. I am wanted or I am unwanted.” I could go on indefinitely, because there are infinite states into which an individual may fall. Neville Goddard

As a Manifest Coach I'm always talking about entering into your desired state of being as if

it's already been fulfilled. This is the quickest way to begin to experience and manifest what you desire, now. Let me clear something up first.

A state of being is not an emotion.

A state of being is one thing and an emotion or feeling is another.

Why is this important to know? Because as long as you're making the assumption that a state of being is an emotion, you'll subconsciousy want to avoid going into a new state of being. And this is what holds people up from BE-ing and therefore HAV-ing. So what's the big deal? What's the connection? It's because these perceived new emotions associated with a state of being are considered to be unknown to your present state of being, your mind will try to protect you from even daring to go near it. It's simply a form of protection of the current state. It's survival.

Let's take an even closer look at what a state of being is and your role in bringing it to life.

Look at the door in this post. Hopefully when you first opened this blog post you saw the door open. Keep that imagery alive in your imagination, knowing that when the door opens it represents your choosing any state of being you want. In other words you will go from the side of the door that you are on now, i.e., your current state of being, into the state of being of your choosing on the other side of the door.

There are infinite states. You and I cannot even imagine all the states that exist. And to top it off these states are permanent. That's right! They don't go anywhere. It's you and I that move in and out of these inifite states. However a state, is a state, is a state. And once you enter a particular state, even though states are permanent, it is you, your assumptions and conceptions of yourself, your beliefs, etc., that breathe life into that particular state of being. You are the creator! Just to help you out here is a list of some states of being so you can begin to associate which state(s) you may desire to assume.

Examples of states of being: And because I work with professional women, a lot, if not all of my examples will be geared toward women and you may even find some funny. Don't let the descriptors/adjectives fool you. These are states not emotions. -Loving, funny, easy-going mother of 4 successful children who are doing exactly what they want to be doing, in the exact way they want to be doing it.

-Wife in an exceptionally loving marriage.

-Successful business owner of a coaching company that makes millions effortlessly.

-Highly sought after consultant to other manifest coaches. -Adventurous traveler.

-Successful 9th grade teacher.

-Proud debt-free home owner of a 5 bedroom house that's completely paid off before I move in.

and so on.

Know that as you assume any one of these states, the state itself is not an emotion and does not require you to have any emotion regarding it. It only needs to be assumed.

You only need to walk through the door of that particular state.

Ahhh! But once you walk through the door...let me correct that! While you're walking through the door of the state you have assumed, this is when you begin to breathe the breath of life, ie., your beliefs and your emotions, into the state. You try it! Pick a state from the list or so-much-better-yet, pick one of your own...

one you've been dreaming about for a very long time.

Notice how the state doesn't require any emotion for you to name it and assume/choose it as a state you will enter into. Then notice as you begin to walk through the door of the state of being, from this side- where you are now, into being completely conscious of the state, YOU will begin to feel your heart beat, you'll smile and your body will start to engage and make alive within you, the state you have chosen to assume.

It's that simple! But hold on now!

This is where you need to put your big girl panties on!

Once you have assumed the state of being of your choosing, you need to remember who you are...the attitude of mind, as you're falling off to sleep, as you're waking up and morning, noon and night. I said remember not effort, try, beat yourself up, etc., etc.,

Once you have assumed your new state and you're feeling all the feels, you don't then turn around and forget the attitude of mind of who you have now assumed yourself to be.

This tends to be one of the most difficult aspects for people. Although I don't get it!

I certainly get perhaps taking a day off so-to-speak to process what you may be experiencing. But to totally put down, quit and/or never pick back up what you've learned? That's for you to decide.

You don’t have to remain in a state if you have made a mistake. You can change states morning, noon, and night, but the state to which you most constantly return constitutes your dwelling place. It is from there you are going to live and perpetuate until you move in thought.

So what do you think? Let me know your thoughts by commenting.

Lisa Scott, B.MSC., Metaphysician, Manifesting Mentor & Coach

About Me:

Around 12 y.o., I stepped into the state of being of a teacher in order to assist myself from having a hard time, to getting a 'B' in the class through the use of imagination. I've since manifested the following and more:

-Working as an educator for one of my areas largest healthcare organizations without the normally required bachelors degree

-Working a part-time job making full-time money also through the use of imagination

-And I also took my current self back and visited my younger self, giving voice to my younger self and healing an entire timeline of blocked energies and unconscious limiting thoughts, among lots of other manifestings.

-My husband.

Client testimonial(s): "I feel like a completely different person. I had lost my confidence somewhere along the line and Lisa re-introduced me to my best self! This was just a few days ago and now I am able to remain in that state just as easy as remembering my name. I am that $5M woman. Thank you so much, Lisa and YES, you will be at the champagne party!" Michelle R.

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