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Manifesting Clarity:"It's Not Working" Resistant Tips

As a Manifesting Mentor and Coach the #1 hindrance I see to an individual's ability to remain committed to seeing their desired outcomes being fulfilled is a lack of clarity.

Initially people truly believe they are being clear. But soon, as the emotion and passion for the peceived desired outcome, diminishes, people start to believe that manifesting doesn't work.

Manifesting always works! You and I are always manifesting. You simply aren't consciously aware of what you have and are manifesting because manifesting is such an incredibly automated process that once you've instilled the programming(thinking and emotion) into the hardware, it no longer requires your thinking in order for it to operate.

In order for you to bring your conscious awareness to the fact that what I am saying is true, STOP and take a look around at your life and slow down and become aware of what you are and were thinking at the time you created each thing or gravitated each person or scenario, into your life. With the huge exception of when you were a child and the programming that was introduced at that time, once you became of a responsible age everything from that point on is your decision. And because this is a short article let's assume you are aware of any programming that was introduced at the time of your development and take it from there. When you become aware of what you are thinking whether because of previous programming or what you are thinking now, your world is being created as a result.

First the thought then the manifestation of the thought. Even more simplisticly, first the thought of making a grocery list then the list, then the groceries are in the cart. Now that you're clear that whether thought comes first or not, it plays one of the most important roles in creating the outcomes in your world. The first world your thoughts impact is your inner world. Our body's react to the vibrational(emotional) information it's given without questioning a thing.

It's job is not to filter out emotion but rather to register it. It's up to you and I to be conscious of whether you're determining that something feels "good" or pleasurable in the body or not. Emotions can be tricky though. Because what may seem to make you happy or feel pleasurable, may simply be a temporary high that is simply "in comparison to" how you are use to feeling or your predominant state of being. This is how you can first believe that you are clear about a perceived desire and over time, lose interest. But all is not lost!

That wavering feeling is exactly what you need to show you that what you thought you were clear about, you weren't. So it's back to the drawing but in an extremely optimistic way! Because the initial perceived desire can act as a spring board for you to ask yourself a key question:

What don't I love about what I thought I desired?

In the words of my own Mentor and Coach Neville Goddard, "You cannot commit yourself to what you do not love."

This is where I see most people lose steem in relation to their perceived desire and say,"It's not working!"

It's not manifesting that does not work. You're always manifesting. And it's always working! It's a lack of understanding that there's no way you could have remained committed to something you're not in love with. Use your imagination and see if you can even act like you can remain committed to a relationship you do not love. So what can you do to find your love?

You can start where you left off, ie., slow down, and think back to what you originally said was your desire and ask yourself what about it, don't you love. The answers will start flowing immediately making it perfectly clear what you don't love. Or you can start all over again, taking a look around your life, circumstances, etc., and ask yourself what you love about what you've created AND what don't you love. Again, the answers will begin to flow so make sure if you're a writer to write things down so you won't forget. And because I know that most people have many things they desire, let me offer an affirmation I'm using myself that incorporates every area of your life and you can start using it right now even as you're reading this post.

Something wonderful is happening to me right now.

Use this affirmation nightly as you're falling off to sleep in the "state akin to sleep," and as often as it comes to mind. And I refuse to give away the results you'll begin to feel immediately. You'll have to return to this post and tell me what you experienced.

Clarity is just a question away. Lisa,

And because I know just how important it is to become aware of, and release the energetic charge of stored and programming and memories I invite you to get a copy of my new e-guide: Go Back And Heal Little You: A Guide To Giving Yourself Your Voice Back.

In my new E-Guide I share my experience(s) of going back and having a conversation with my younger self and being able to give her what she needed in the moment and the profound impact this experience has had on me both physically and subconsciously.

And how letting go of the emotional charge of the past has impacted my present.

I also share the steps this e-guide helped me to identify, for you to be able to go back and have a conversation with your "little you."

Give yourself your voice back.

-Sign up to the Go Back And Heal Little You e-mail list to get your guide for $9.99(Once you're signed up to the e-mail list, the follow-up e-mail inlcudes the link for purchase of the e-guide.

-You will also receive a FREE infographic where I carve out the steps I offer in the book so you will have them AT A GLANCE.

-And if you haven't already done so you will also be able to JOIN the Go Back And Heal Little Back And Heal Little You private Facebook group(after you purchase the e-guide) where we'll be able to discuss whatever lessons you may have learned from the e-guide and to share your own experiences and journey with Going Back And Healing Little You. "Whoever said you can't change the past didn't have a clue that you can." Lisa

Go Back And Heal Little You,

Lisa Scott, B.MSC., Metaphysician, Manifesting Mentor & Coach About Me: Around 12 y.o., I stepped into the state of being of a teacher in order to assist myself from having a hard time, to getting a 'B' in the class through the use of imagination. I've since manifested the following and more: -Working as an educator for one of my areas largest healthcare organizations without the normally required bachelors degree -Working a part-time job making full-time money also through the use of imagination -And I also took my current self back and visited my younger self, giving voice to my younger self and healing an entire timeline of blocked energies and unconscious limiting thoughts, among lots of other manifestings. -My husband. Social Media: Youtube Website Facebook Instagram

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