Manifesting Is Not Instant-Life-Changing, Frustration-Free Magic

Updated: May 11, 2020

If it were true that manifesting is free of frustration people wouldn't find themselves quitting when attempting to manifest their desires.

Man is always compromising and complicating his desires. Man desires freedom from his limitation or problem. The first thing he does after he defines his objective is to condition it upon something else. He begins to speculate on the manner of acquiring it, not knowing that the thing desired has an expression all it's own. He starts planning how he is going to get it. If on the other hand he has no plan or conception on the fulfillment of his desire then he compromises his desire by modifying it. He feels that if he is satisfied with less than his basic desire, then he might have a better chance of realizing it. The inevitable is failure or frustration. Neville Goddard

There are two inherently erroneous assumptions, at least two that I am aware of for now, with the way people approach manifesting.

(1.) People are not aware they are already expert manifestors who have been creating their lives all along which inherently gives more credit to the familiarity of past energetic impressions.

(2.) Manifesting somehow means that if you are currently experiencing emotional pain from your past, it magically flees because you're attempting to focus your attention on your desired outcomes more-so than your past. Now don't get me wrong! It is absolutely possible to manifest your desires without having to know or care about any of what I just mentioned.

People have and will continue to manifest, or should I say "consciously manifest" because you are manifesting whether you're consciously aware or not, always.

However if you have not been able to manifest your desired outcomes because you find yourself not fully believing what you're attempting to manifest yet, you are easily angered by a lack of results and your pattern is to quit and blame it on this thing called "manifesting" or you're internally argumentative about manifesting and other stuff as well, you start and stop frequently and feel helpless to allowing self-limiting, internal self-talk to bring you to a complete halt - these states as well as others, are the cause of your frustration with regard to not being able to remain in the state of being of your desire(s), as if already fulfilled.

The good news? The aforementioned are states of being and not you.

This means that as an energetic being you are able to move in and out of these states by wearing and occupying them and then leaving them as well, i.e., no longer provide the thought-energy that fuels the continued existence of a state.

The frustration you are experiencing re: perceiving you are unable to manifest is due to not being able to exit a previously familiar state in exchange for the newly desired state.

Sometimes, and dependent on the individual, you must work out or work through the previous state.

You're believing you must work out or work through a previous state is also a state of being.

However until you decide this is not necessary, it is.

So how can you decrease the frustration you may be experiencing with regard to manifesting and increase your desired results/state?

(1) Recognize that you are already a powerful manifestor of your reality.

(2) Know that the emotions you are experiencing whether right now or from the past are states of being and not you.

(3) Know that you can decide whenever you're ready. Ask yourself why you have been believing you need the state you've been existing in. It's been my experience you will always get an answer.

(4) Be patient with yourself. No matter how quickly you think something should be happening, the fact that it's not "happening" is only a perception. As however long it takes is in fact part of the bridge of incidence where your future/desire to be fulfilled, will meet you. These are just some of the ways you can begin to decrease your frustration and increase manifesting your desired outcomes.

Another hint: In the words of two gentlemen I had discussions with on Facebook...

"A proper mental diet is imperative. Unless you're recognizing the tapes playing in the subconscious and hit pause or stop, and than replace it with something more empowering, it wrecks havoc on your ability to manifest." J.V.

"I could just try to put a layer of "positive thinking or imagining" on top, but I know it's futile." H.N.

The above comments and realizations are exactly why I created my new E-Guide: Go Back And Heal Little You: A Guide To Giving Yourself Your Voice Back.