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Not Clear About It? Because You Don't Love It

You cannot commit yourself to what you do not love. Neville Goddard

A couple of weeks ago I joined a discussion in a Neville Goddard group where an individual was asking questions with regard to his desired outcome of having a particular job, not being fulfilled.

There's no need to go into the exact details as any one of us can experience times of doubt with regard to the perceived waiting period until you realize your desire.

I want to show you that if you are still asking questions with regard to your desire not being fulfilled, this is one of the signals that you are not living inside of the state as if already fulfilled.

How do I know?

Because if your desire is already fulfilled how can there be any question? It's already fulfilled.

And if you are unable to go into the state of being as if already fulfilled I can almost guarantee it's because there's a lack of clarity.

Where there's a lack of clarity there's a lack of confidence. Why and how can you go inside of something, anything you are uncertain about?

And if there's a lack of clarity it's likely that you weren't aware that you did not love what you perceived as your desired outcome to begin with.

You Cannot commit yourself to what you do not love. Neville Goddard

And to make further sense of what I'm saying I'll go back to the initial story.

The gentleman said he had been going into the state as if already fulfilled for months and asked if he had not been believing strongly enough.

I responded by giving some clues through asking questions like,"What do you love about already having been working at your new job for months?" "How has working for this new job benefited your life these past few months?""What have you been loving about working your new job these past couple of months?" Do you see how the questions I asked infurs he knows the answer because he's already in the state of being as if his desired outcome has already been fulfilled? Once the gentleman began to process my questions he immediately responded by saying he realized he doesn't really love the job in particular he had been thinking he wanted all this time, because he didn't even want to attempt to go into the state as if already fulfilled when asked to do so.

This means he had not truly gone into the state as if already fulfilled to begin with.

This is actually brilliant! His body was telling him something was not going to enjoyable about the initial perceived desire before he even got a chance to go inside.

Can you see how brilliant you are?

Upon further reflection the gentleman realized that it was actually the hours and days the particular job offered but not the job itself that he wanted.

As he began to clarify his desires, knowing he's able to ask himself what he loves about whatever he desires, he stated,"I am working somewhere that I love that has the hours and days I want to work."

He realized he didn't really even need to know where this particular job was going to be because he was already in a state of loving it.

This means that wherever the job ends up being he will love it because that's the sate he was abiding in and the bridge of incidence occurs from that space. He is now able to go inside of his desired state of being as if already fulfilled and remain there without question because he loves it to begin with.

Clarifying what you love vs not being able to go into or abide in the state of your desired outcome as if already fulfilled is just a couple of clarify questions away.

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Lisa Scott, B.MSC., Metaphysician, Manifesting Mentor & Coach

About Me: Around 12 y.o., I stepped into the state of being of a teacher in order to assist myself from having a hard time, to getting a 'B' in the class through the use of imagination. I've since manifested the following and more: -Working as an educator for one of my areas largest healthcare organizations without the normally required bachelors degree -Working a part-time job making full-time money also through the use of imagination -And I also took my current self back and visited my younger self, giving voice to my younger self and healing an entire timeline of blocked energies and unconscious limiting thoughts, among lots of other manifestings. -My husband.

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