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Concentrated and Persistent Imagination: The Key To Changing Your Life

In your own bosom you bear your heaven and earth and all you behold. Though it appears without, it is within, in your imagination of which this world of mortality is but a shadow. William Blake

There was a time in my life when I thought that I did not have a choice in what was happening around me or to me, and as you can imagine when a person does not believe that they have a choice, fear becomes a regular emotion that lingers on the inside causing you to not be able to move beyond it.

Fortunately, our bodies have built-in ways and mechanisms that bring to the forefront, what you and I may not be willing or perceive ourselves able to address, by causing us to have symptoms and physical manifestations that allow you the opportunity to understand what may be at the root.

The question is whether we are aware of this process that our body utilizes to speak to what may be going on on the inside(in your mind and thoughts).

I’m not a doctor but through my own experience I can tell you that most of the symptoms, sickness and dis-ease that presents itself to us, is because there is something that is being hindered, blocked, disregarded and/or perhaps overly focused upon(often times from the past), that is seeking to get our attention through these physical signs and symptoms.

For myself, I carried a lot of baggage like many, regarding situations, events, people, etc., from the past, until I came to a place where the thoughts and associated emotions and feelings no longer served where I was headed in my life.

The phrase “Get rid of what no longer serves you,” is spoken a lot in the New Thought, Metaphysical and Coaching movements, and is more than just a cliche.

I found that the physical signs I was suffering at the time, were there to alert me that the ruminating thoughts of situations, circumstance, people, etc., and the associated feelings and emotions, simply no fit into the new image and vision I had for myself.

But how do you create the changes and experiences you want to see in your life?

It turns out we are creating these experiences all the time yet we’re simply not aware of the process that is occurring.

I’ll call the process Concentrated and Persistent Imagination. I recently heard this phrase from a gentleman named Neville Goddard, who is said to have been an influential New Thought leader and “Mystic” in the 1950’s thru the 1970’s.

you are communicating to it, which is happening during your process of imagining - which is your thoughts. This is why it’s so important, imperative in fact, that you are paying attention to your thoughts.

This is the key to consciously creating the changes you want to experience in your life, and also how I assisted myself to create some of the changes I have, and continue to experience in my own life.

I realized that with the same amount of energy I was using to direct my attention toward those things that I no longer desired in my life, I could redirect my thoughts toward what I did want and desire. However, I have learned something even greater.

Concentrated and Persistent Imagination.

It is one thing to have a dream or a vision for something you want or desire, and quite another to actually imagine yourself already being In what you want or desire.

If you tend to imagine what you want as being some where in the future or over there it will stay in the future as you perceive that it is. But when you actually begin to imagine and act as if, animating yourself within the images you hold, you have now caused time and distance to fall away and the experience you are having in your imagination is happening now.

Your body is now recognizing the feelings and vibration

Let’s say that you desire a brand new car and you say to yourself “It sure would be nice to have a new car.” This is an example of imagining something, yet perceiving it from a distance as if over there.

Now let’s say you want that same brand new car however when you imagine the car, you imagine yourself sitting inside of the car. When you get in and sit down you notice the black, leather seats and adjust the mirrors to the left and right. You are now smelling the new car smell and you’re placing your hands on the wood-grained steering wheel and you can see your children or who ever you decide is sitting in the back seat, is smiling at you as you look in the rear view mirror.

You have just erased time and distance and you’re having this experience right now!

Your brain does not know the difference between what we perceive as reality and when you are using your concentrated imagination.

Yes, life shares many experiences with us that can make you feel like you have no choice. However when you decide that what you are experiencing is something that no longer fits and no longer serves you where you desire to go, you now know that you do have a choice, and knowing and exercising that choice, reduces fear as you understand the amount of control you truly have.

Through concentrated and persistent imagination you can focus on any area of your life that you choose.

You can now make a conscious decision to allow your imagination to assist you to the next phase of your life.

Lisa, B.MSC. Lisa assists her clients who are professional men and women, back to their own SELF-Awareness by clearing the path of illusions making it easier for you to see. And by assisting her clients to uncover and use the tools you already have on the inside." Products: ​​​​​​TRANSFORMATION STARTS WITHI​N PODCAST SERIES

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