Is There Any Such Thing As The Subconscious Mind?

Is there any such thing as the subconscious mind?

I have written posts for years about my experiences, etc., re: the subconscious mind. And now I question whether it is a truth I am willing to accept anymore.

To each his own if you continue to be willing to accept this as truth. We each learn and perceive at our own pace.

However I am here to open minds to thoughts that have not been suggested yet, at least in your current reality. There is nothing new under the sun.

So when I get a thought that challenges my own current beliefs, it is meant to challenge us all.

This reality bombards and inundates us with 'stepping stones' and/or hierarchical systems in order to keep you trapped in the distortion of what reality means.

It's so easy to do because just like peeling back the layers of filo dough, no sooner than you escape one distortion there is another to take it's place.

The main character in the movie Lucy stated that mankind created a scale - the numeric system, in order to forget it's unfathomable scale.

Mankind wanted to forget.

But there is no such thing as 1+1=2 because there are no numbers. Man created a numeric system in order to institute measurement. Something it could wrap it's mind around.

But some stumble, in part, the reality of our unfathomable-ness and attempt to comprehend it.

Let's take a short look at some of our current hierarchical and measurement systems:

Government - A small group of men who govern over everyone - measures your status in society and so much more that I can't even name.

Religion - A particular God or Gods over everyone - measures whether you have accepted certain truths and your worthiness to gain acceptance into heaven(based on your religious beliefs).

Schools - Government over Teachers - Teachers over students and Kindergarten before 1st grade - measures your ability to learn societal norms, expectations, etc.

There are so many other forms of measurement in this society/system, however I will leave it at this for now.