Thoughts Create The Story. Frequency Provides The Connection.

No Connection. No Power.

Whether you consider your thoughts to be "good" or "bad" "positive" or "negative," it is your judgement of the thought that solidifies your thought as experience.

Mind exercises that cause you to stay in the mind by transmuting, changing, turning "bad" to "good," "positive" to "negative," detaching from..etc., teach you to stay in a perpetual cycle of having to "PAY YOUR ATTENTION" to thoughts. As a tool, mind exercises can be beneficial however...temporary.

Thoughts are just thoughts!

Energy is just energy!

Yet your thoughts strung together create a story. Couple your story with energy of particular vibrations and frequency and you define your mood.

Separate the connection and just like a socket with nothing plucked in, there is no power.

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Bio: Lisa is a Metaphysician, Metaphysical Spiritual Counselor and “Imagination Hacker” who works with men and women who are ready to “step into their own,” are ready to move beyond their past experiences and programs, and are willing to unlearn to relearn what has been taught in this game we call Reality. Lisa understands what it means to be on your journey of personal expansion and transformation and knows specifically how important it is to have access to a safe and supportive space. Lisa knows through her own experience which she shares with her clients, that by understanding who you are foundationally and scientifically and by paying attention to your thoughts and the effect your thoughts have on you vibrationally, mystery and dogma disappear allowing you to do your own inner work more freely.

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