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Do You Know What Nothing Is?

Had a beautiful conversation/journey with my son last night. As we discussed everything from mind control to manipulated weather - then we journeyed down the path of "no time." As we looked at the digital clock and realized that those numbers aren't real but created in order to measure (looked at a clip from Lucy movie), we began to understand that it is through our own individual perceptions that we are "slowed down" and this system and all that's in it is able to exist. But time? It continues to be that unphathomableness. My son caught an amazingly short glimpse that he said he couldn't catch or hold onto. His mind attempted to grasp but couldn't. He said "It's like...too much energy! Too much information all at once. I couldn't hold on!" Me: I know what you speak of. There are no words to describe, yet what you experienced?.. IS the reality of us. We are everything and no-thing. Ultimately we left our experience with this: Do you know what nothing is? We both struggled to perceive it. Everybody knows what "things" are. "If you can master no-thing (nothingness), you can master every "thing."

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