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Affirming Away Your Emotions Does Not Work

Fully Experience Your Emotions.

Affirming away, denying or acting like you don't experience emotional pain, while believing that the only emotions you're allowed to have are high frequency, positive vibes, won't get you any closer to living your best life or gaining the personal clarity you need to move in the direction you want to go. If only allowing high frequency thoughts and positive vibes were the answer, then why are so many who believe this, still not living their best life - and are no more clear today than they were years ago? And when those pinned up emotions finally do emerge???...Watch out!! 👀 I don't know about you but the only time I've experienced change, anywhere from monumental to something maybe only I can recognize, is first by recognizing that there was a discomfort(emotional pain) that my mind and/or body was trying to get my attention by. In fact ignoring your emotional pain only serves to create more momentum and ultimately physical ailments, etc., as you are not consciously aware of the work your body and mind is actually putting in to stay in denial or lack of acceptance. It is said that no one wants to experience pain. However it's the power assigned to words and what other people say and experience regarding pain, that is also playing it's part with regard to many people's unwillingness and down right defensiveness when it comes to protecting their right to "not face the pain." I am here to tell you that "emotional pain is simply another form of communication." And when looked at and perceived in this way, it's the beginning to opening the door and allowing yourself to get to know you without judgement and with the gentleness and patience you deserve from yourself. It's not about staying in the pain. It's about facing it. Talk about living your best life! Living your best life starts from within. And when you are no longer denying and devaluing yourself because you are experiencing emotional pain, you can turn around, face it, and find out what(in your organically, customized way) it is communicating to you. Now that's clarity to move forward! -Ready to stop running away from your emotions? -

Ready to face your emotions, find out exactly what they are speaking to you, and like your own personal GPS- know exactly what your own personal next steps are?

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