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Everything Is Connected From Your Life To Your Business To Your Money

This is going to be a very short read. But as I was talking to my husband about this subject I realize I better write it down.

The short of this post is everything is connected. But you and I have been conditioned to believe otherwise. Ask yourself how can it not be true that everything is connected when everything is energy first before anything takes on any kind of physical form?

You and I walk around and see everything around us as separate and divided because of the various forms and shapes things take. However energetically speaking energy intertwines and connects. It is us that learns to disconnect. But it can only be done perceptually. Think about this - How do you feel when you have no money in your pocket? Does this feeling effect your overall mood andenergy level and also how you interact with others? Have you ever gotten into an argument with a loved one and then tried to have a good day at work? Not easy to do, right?

What about when something is going right in your business? Don't you take that good feeling home or carry it within yourself beyond your business?

I could go on and on. A Piece Of My Own Experience

As part of my energy type and expression I am an Investigator - Line 1 specifically in Human Design. This means I investigate things - systems and processes. I like to understand why and how and how one thing connects to the other.

It's no wonder as I look back over my life and notice certain job titles and credentials I've had and have, that I chose them or had an exceptionally wonderful time being involved with them- one being for example, receiving my Bachelors in spiritual counseling from the University of Metaphysics and holding the title of Metaphysician. Here's the definition of Metaphysics - the branch of philosophy that deals with the first principles of things, including abstract concepts such as being, knowing, substance, cause, identity, time, and space.

See what I'm talking about? Investigator all the way!!

Anyway as I began to do some internal investigating related to a particular pattern I noticed in my life and want to get rid of - I began to intuitively hear, forgive this one and apologize to that one.

My initial reaction(although no hesitation in my actions) was, what? I'm talking about this yet you're telling me about that?!

I immediately knew there was somehow a connection. I have yet to understand the specifics of the direct connections and I'm askingmyself, the ethers,the eternal...for further insight.

My point is that the reason I heard about stuff in my personal life even though I'm looking for why I keep seeing the same pattern in something that doesn't seem connected to anything personal at all, is because it is connected. I wouldn't have heard it if it wasn't. Here's what I know about what I hear and get from eternity's messaging, it's always right especially for me at the time and even though it seems like it may take years for others to get it, ie., decide that you want to engage and investigate for yourself what I'm saying, I haven't seen a time yet that the message I received hasn't come to fruition. And if for no other external reason except how good I feel on the inside after resolving some long-held internal/energetic weight, it's worth asking yourself about the possible connections to seemingly unrelated scenarios and situations in your own life.

Chances are you already know what I'm talking about.

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