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You Are Not Broke: A Metaphysical Conversation With Money

I have had many conversations with money over the years based on the iteration and perception of who I thought I was at the time. And of course this conversation was as unique as the others because of how I'm perceiving myself even now. This post won't take long and will be short sweet. I woke up this morning having a subconscious conversation with money, learning about it based on it's subtle energy -so subtle that I was able to pick up on it only while I was half asleep and sensitive to it's feeling and communication. I recognize the state/space I was in as the Theta state where you're able to have these types of remarkable experiences on a regular basis if you choose.

Let's dive right in. Money moved and circulated as it spoke, having me understand it's limitless while in motion. These events took place in my mind. And no, I'm not crazy. However when supposed inanimate things, which money is not, speak to me, I listen carefully and with an open heart because it was definitely me on a subconscious level that called the knowledge and wisdom forth to begin with.

I cannot remember everything in any type of order, however it will all make sense(no pun intended) just the same. Money informed me that it wants to be recognized, honored and appreciated in the hands of the one stewarding it. This was interesting because I don't tend to use the word 'steward' yet it's what kept being used in the conversation because money wanted me to know it's not owned by anyone, however it is stewarded. Steward: verb

  1. 1. (of an official) supervise arrangements or keep order at (a large public event). "the event was organized and stewarded properly"

  2. 2. manage or look after (another's property). "security is found in reparticipating in community and stewarding nature"

Imagine being in possession of something valuable and acting like it's not even there and having no regard for it. This is how money is treated in the stewardship of many. I recognized money as being Free, not as a worth but in it's movement. Money is everywhere. Money is not bound. Money is only bound in the hands of the one who binds it. Money circulates. It moves the way you move. It moves based off of your emotions. If you believe it's dirty it will disintegrate, ie., dis- integrate(not integrate) like sand falling between your fingers. As a human being you either continue to circulate or die and so does money. Money is everywhere! Everything in mine and your bedroom, in your house, in your life has needed money to end up being in your stewardship. You and I are the generator of the ideas that bring and cause money to recognize you and decide you will be the steward to bring that idea into existence. I am falling in love with money understanding it's relationship to and with me. Money knows me and loves me back. I have decided to show money how exciting I can be as it's steward. I've decide to let money know how fun I can be. I've decide to let me know how effectively and efficiently I will steward it. Money will know that in my hands it has purpose. Money will know that in my hands it has permission to compound. Money is everywhere! Money stops when you stop. Money moves when you move. You're not broke! Money is not as inanimate as you thought now is it?

Lisa Scott, B.MSC., Metaphysician, Brain Balance & Manifest Coach

About Me:

Around 12 y.o., I stepped into the state of being of a teacher in order to assist myself from having a hard time, to getting a 'B' in the class through the use of imagination. I've since manifested the following and more:

-Working as an educator for one of my areas largest healthcare organizations without the normally required bachelors degree

-Working a part-time job making full-time money also through the use of imagination

-And I also took my current self back and visited my younger self, giving voice to my younger self and healing an entire timeline of blocked energies and unconscious limiting thoughts, among lots of other manifestings.

-My husband. What I do: I support conscious women manifestors to remove your blocks to manifesting Precisely, Consistently & 1HR through my Remote Rewrite & Rewire Your Blocks Brain Balancing Session

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