Your Pain May Yield Your Purpose


Find your purpose is the phrase I have not only been hearing, but have been repeating and saying myself.

Finding your purpose is absolutely key to being able to live out that purpose.

After all, what you don't know, you cannot be, do or respond to.

As a Spiritual Counselor I have noticed that there are just as many people who are unable to identify their purpose, as those who have been able to, and in some cases easily.

So I ask myself my favorite question, "What is going on?"

This is my favorite question because no sooner than I ask, it seems that a path begins to open in order for me to begin to understand the answer.

Along this path of understanding, I was led to go back down my own specific path and begin to retrace my own steps to being able to FIND MY OWN PURPOSE.

What I found was that BEFORE I was able to identify my purpose, there was a lot of pain that absolutely needed to be cleared away before the sun began to shine.

Could it be that you are trying to put the cart before the horse?

Could it be that you are experiencing your own pain and hurt, and cannot see or feel past it in order to move beyond it?

It's likely for some.

And what I had to do was allow myself a "carved out" space in time to acknowledge that YES, I was feeling the pain of having carried so much over the years that I didn't know whether I was coming or going.

I told myself that I was ok and that it's ok for me to feel what I am feeling. I don't have to deny the pain.

In fact denying the pain over the years, is what kept me in pain for as long as I was.

I simply didn't know it!

My modus operandi?...Tears, tears and more tears.

Of course everyone is different in how you handle your pain.