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Spending Time With Yourself To Gain Clarity and Insight

"So charter your jet in your own mind, pack your bag, get on board and get ready to experience your own ride(your own question and answer session with the universe)."

90% or more of what I end up writing down and posting is because I ended up having a conversation with the universe and the universe spoke back.

Right then and there I have an experience that becomes wisdom in part, because the rest has yet to be understood. But I must write. It's a "write it or loose it proposition."

So you'll notice that I do not post everyday, but rather, when I am inspired to.

Part of what I received as today's lesson was about clarity and what clarity is not, and also a huge nugget on how to get clear within myself/yourself.

What clarity is not, is goal setting.

The definition of Goal: the object of a person's ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.

Although the definition may seem like clarity, it's because the outcome of clarity can produce a goal.

But let's get back to clarity.

I was seeking to get clear on the question "What do you want?"

In this case, it turns out that as I traveled down the path of answering this question, I kept hitting a bump that stated "Close, but no cigar."

I could feel the vibration of what each thought was producing on the inside.

The wisdom of feeling the difference between what I thought I wanted vs. what I actually want, allowed me to know that what I thought I wanted, did not carry a specific and certain vibration. So it's back to the drawing board, feeling your way through the difference.

The feeling is gentle and astounding to feel and understand.

The actuality of your 'want' carries a very specific vibration and frequency and anything other than this, is not it!

Why the picture of a chartered jet?

Because this image came to me as I understood that in order to hear directly from oneself and gain the clarity you and I desire, you must charter your own jet(in your mind), pack your bag, and get on board, away from other voices and outside feeling and stimuli.

Even the voices you consider to be the most impressive voices can only provide a glimpse of their own experience, but it is not your experience.

If your personal GPS is off even a little bit, you're off.

This is ok.

However you and I(and I'm so grateful for it), will continue to be brought back to your original question, until your own personal vibration and frequency align in thought and feeling.

Other than this, clarity will elude you.

So charter your jet in your own mind, pack your bag, get on board and get ready to experience your own ride(your own question and answer session with the universe).

"You only know what you know, until you know something else." Lisa

"We must be our own before we can be another's." Ralph Waldo Emerson

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