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This Holiday Season Watch Your Cocktail Intake!

Find out about the chemical(cocktail) of survival emotions.

I'm not talking about the cocktails in the image! Lol

I'm referring to what Dr. Joe Dispenza calls the "cocktail of survival emotions" human beings consume on a daily basis.

What are these survival emotions?

First let me tell you where they come from.

Survival emotions come from past bitter memories.

Just by thinking about these memories you are conditioning your body to the past by your thoughts alone.

When you think about these memories your body produces a specific chemical(cocktail)to prepare for the experience you are thinking about and your body is then knocked out of balance.

You are in a state of precidicting the future because of a past memory.

If your thoughts stay here for extended periods in time you develop states like Anxiety, Insomnia, Depression, OCD, etc.

Did you know that human beings spend the minimum of 70% of your waking day being driven by these hormones of survival?

...conditioning your body to hormones of stress like - anger, hatred, violence, frustration, anxiety, insecurity, worry, guilt, shame, hopelessness, powerlessness, depression, envy, jealousy.

Your body gets a rush of energy based on these stress hormones and then an addiction to these emotions sets in.

So this Holiday Season watch your cocktail intake!

And because you're ready to move beyond your past experiences and programs Get your FREE COPY of my newly released e-book: When You've Tried Everything Else Except Yourself: 6 Steps To Move Beyond Your Past Experiences and Programs.

"You only know what you know, until you know something else."


*Ready to move beyond your past experiences and programs? *Ready to shake off mystery and dogma so you can pay attention to your thoughts and how they effect you vibrationally? *Ready and willing to unlearn to relearn what has been taught in this game we call Reality? Contact me

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