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Knowing Your Energy Signature In Human Design Assists You In Life And Business

I heard about Human Design months ago but was very resistant. As a Metaphysician, someone who's consciously aware about how you and I manifest things into our reality and simply knowing that emotion and thought are pliable, Ididn't want anybody deciding that I'm any title or anything called this or that and therefore solidifying that I'm nothing else beyond that, ie., not pliable or able to make my own decisions because of some chart or whatever this thing called Human Design, was. I couldn't have been further from wrong.

If something comes into my energetic space more than once I pay attention. And Human Design had entered my energetic space about 3 times when I decided enough is enough. So I became curious and said to myself, if for no other reason than to simply cross this thing off my list, I'll look to see what it's all about.

I went to a website called which was recommended by a practitioner of Human Design and entered my information. And boy did it change my life since a couple of weeks ago.

I'm new to the science and there's a lot to it. But it's said that as long as you know 2 things, you'll never be the same. Those 2 things are called your Authority and Strategy. I found out that my energy signature is a Projector. Energy signatures are the way your energy is expressed in the world. My energy is expressed as a Projector with my Authority being Emotion and my strategy being "Wait for the invite." I hope to do more writings about these as time goes on.

Regarding my Authority being emotion - I am learning to ride my waves of emotion before reacting. And regarding my Strategy being "Wait for the invite" - I am learning how not to force myself into things and to trust that Life truly does have me. And in not being on Facebook, Tiktok or Instagram at all for the past couple of weeks, the proof that waiting for the invite and riding my waves of emotion works is, I received 3 invites...4 as of this writing, without doing anything at all! Now let's talk abot not doing anything at all. What this really means is 2 things. (1) There was already a momentum in the works that changing my energy, frequency and vibration has allowed that momentum not to take as long as it would have had I been in a more forceful or resistant vibration. And... (2) My energy, frequency and vibration more accurately matches those things I've said I want in my life and these changes are making it easier. It's all quite phenomenal. As a mentor to womenpreneurs, heartpreneurs, women coaches and conscious manifestors, when I win so do you. As I continue to expand in learning I pass that learning through a changed state of being, on to my clients who learn how to collapse time, manifest truly without worrying and while learning about and loving yourself even more deeply and with more patience. I support women, remotely, to rewrite your own unconscious beliefs & programming that's been at the heart of making you feel discouraged, keeping you trapped because you aren't manifesting what you want & so you can stop endlessly watching manifesting videos & reading books, joining memberships & groups you really don't have time for & using hit or miss manifesting techniques. Through a 90 min. zoom session you and I will identify the core messaging related to the one-two area(s) you prioritize for us to work on during the session & that you want to see manifesting results (as if you've collapsed time), rewrite and rewire your new belief and confirm your unconscious mind has actually accepted your new belief. Sign up for your session today.

Lisa Scott, B.MSC., Metaphysician, Brain Balance Coach & Manifesting Mentor & Coach

About Me:

Around 12 y.o., I stepped into the state of being of a teacher in order to assist myself from having a hard time, to getting a 'B' in the class through the use of imagination. I've since manifested the following and more:

-Working as an educator for one of my areas largest healthcare organizations without the normally required bachelors degree

-Working a part-time job making full-time money also through the use of imagination

-And I also took my current self back and visited my younger self, giving voice to my younger self and healing an entire timeline of blocked energies and unconscious limiting thoughts, among lots of other manifestings.

-My husband.

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