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The Power Of Intention

You will never know how powerful your intention is until you work with it.

Worry is something each and every one of us do very naturally and without much thought at all....LET ME CORRECT THAT.

When you're in a state of worry it is taking up ALL OF YOUR THOUGHT in that moment, and more. You just aren't aware of it.

What you are aware of? Your shoulders hurting and feeling tense, a snarl or lack of a smile on your face...a blank stare that causes you to freeze in time WITH whatever you are worried about. ************ This morning I decided to go to a local park to sit and meditate. I realize how important it is to INTEND my day which in turn assist assists you to RELEASE worry.

During meditation, as I could feel my body, muscles and heart relax(which is the best feeling in the world by the way), I started to become aware of the birds chirping. I could feel the sun on my face...the gentle warm breeze, etc.

As I took a deep breathe in I ALLOWED myself to breathe in the words wealth, opportunity, connections, etc.

THE MOST IMPORTANT part...I could feel the CREATIVITY open and unblock as I ALLOWED myself to breathe in the things that are important to me in the moment.

I now have this moment etched into, not only my memory, but my body. I can FEEL the moment with me even now.

This is how important it is for YOU to carve out time for yourself... To breathe in the very things that you intend, and assist YOURSELF in allowing the exchange and release of worry.

No two opposing positions, thoughts, etc., can occupy the same space.

It's your choice.

Yours in continued Health, Wealth and Momentum.


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