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Emotions Have No Name Until You Assign Them One.

Raw emotion as expressed in the body, has no name associated in it's "original form."

It ebbs and flows in the body without an initial need or knowing of being called something in particular- until the mind grabs hold and searches for meaning by virtue of past familiar associations and stories that have either been taught or that you've taught yourself.

Then you call that raw emotion This or That, i.e., pain, joy, anger, bliss, etc.

The words you assign to raw emotion are learned. Just think about this and see where it takes you.

Raw emotion has no name

Lisa is a Metaphysician, Metaphysical Spiritual Counselor and “Imagination Hacker” who works with men and women who are ready to “step into their own,” are ready to move beyond their past experiences and programs, and are willing to unlearn to relearn what has been taught in this game we call Reality. Lisa understands what it means to be on your journey of personal expansion and transformation and knows specifically how important it is to have access to a safe and supportive space. Lisa knows through her own experience which she shares with her clients, that by understanding who you are foundationally and scientifically and by paying attention to your thoughts and the effect your thoughts have on you vibrationally, mystery and dogma disappear allowing you to do your own inner work more freely.

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